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Saint Expedite - The Patron Saint of Speedy Cases

Welcome & Thank You

I am deeply honored that you are here. As you may have noticed, the site that was the go-to site for Saint Expedite is no more. People have emailed me asking me what happened to it since I quoted it in my book on Saint Expedite.  It appears the patron of the .org has passed, he also owned this .com as well, and I am honored that Saint Expedite has allowed me to carry on the tradition. The original site brought hope to many thousands of people. For some, the site was the only connection to Saint Expedite they had. This caused me to wonder if I would be able to continue in the footsteps of the former patron. This site is my attempt at just that. I am staying true to the legacy of the original patron of the Saint Expedite site. I have added additional services and information that I feel will enhance and deepen our relationship with Saint Expedite. As the previous patron has stated, this site does cost money to maintain, especially with the technical enhancements I have added; donations are always welcome. Please note, that this is not a charity and never claimed to be one even under the previous patron. In saying that, I will donate a sizable portion of any donations to several different charities as an honor to Saint Expedite. Please see the list of charities and donation information at “Donations Page.”

Saint Expedite

Saint Expedite is the patron Saint of those in dire need, emergencies, speedy cases, expeditious solutions, against procrastination, business people, people in Tech and navigators of all types. 

Thousands upon thousands of people call upon him every day to solve their most urgent and pressing matters, as well as to overcome all manner of obstacle that may befall them.

Some of the issues he is called up to resolve:

  • Very Urgent Situations
  • Making Ends Meet
  • To Help With Medical Bills
  • Finding a Job
  • Legal Issues
  • Difficult Interpersonal Relationships
  • Matters of the Heart
  • Lack of Motivation

And many other issues. To find out more about his history please go to “History.”

He is a wonderful Saint to work with. Please browse this site for more information on how to call upon him as well as ways to enhance your relationship with him. You can also see the services I provide to help you work with Saint Expedite. Please go to “Services.” 

Or if you prefer to do a ritual on your own, please go to “How to Call Upon Saint Expedite”

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