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How to Call Upon Saint Expedite

If you prefer to call upon him yourself, please see instructions below.

Excerpted from “The Magick of Saint Expedite” 

It is best to start any petition to Saint Expedite on a Wednesday.

What You will need to call upon Saint Expedite.

1. A Statue or printed image of him. You can find many images online that you can print out. I have provided samples below for your reference.

2. 7 day – Red Candles – Any 7 day Red Candles will do.

3. A glass of Water


In general, the best day to call upon Saint Expedite is on Wednesday for it is the day of Mercury who was the messenger God in the Roman Pantheon.


When he grants your request, You MUST give him an offering. If you don’t, he can take away everything he has given you and then some.  You can give one or all of these offerings to Saint Expedite when he completes your favor. However, the last item is A MUST.

Most common offerings are:

5 pennies. I give 5 quarters, it just seems right to me.

5 pieces of pound cake.  Any brand will do but some folk legends say Sarah Lees is best. I for one use any I can find. I like using the Small hand sized cakes.

A Red Rose

A Glass of Red Wine

And perhaps most importantly, you MUST announce to the world that Saint Expedite helped you. If you have a blog you can do it there. You can also create a YouTube video as well since others have done this too as a way to show thanks. One great way to pay tribute is to place it on this site on the tributes page. Please go to “Tributes.”

You can also see the services I provide to help you work with Saint Expedite. Please go to “Services.” 

Excerpted from “The Magick of Saint Expedite” 

Additional recommendations:

When he answers your request, please be sure to give him the offering you promised. 

Be respectful as you would to any powerful spirit.

Try not to ask for too many things in one ritual. Each ritual should be for a specific purpose.

Do not ask Saint Expedite to do harmful or evil things. It will backfire on you. 


Images of Saint Expedite

Please note, I do not own the rights to any of these images below. They were all found online. I have attributed the images when an attribute was available. 



The Images below are from:

Wellcome Library, London/ Wellcome Images