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Please consider leaving a $50.00 donation.

When I took on this site, I placed on a dedicated server and added quite a few enhancements that were not present on the original site. This costs a few hundred dollars a month. I do this because I am a devotee of Saint Expedite. I also wanted to bring this site back since so many have found Saint Expedite through it. I want to continue the vision of the original patron of this site. Although I did not know him before his passing, I want to continue the good work he has done on behalf of Saint Expedite.

Please note, this is not a charity. However, a sizable portion of all proceeds will go to charity before they are applied to the cost of maintaining this site. Depending on the amount raised, the money is dispersed either to one charity per month or several.

Donations made through the donation page do not qualify for ritual services. Only donations through go towards ritual services.


Please see the charities I give to at:

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