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Ritual Bundle

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Please make sure you have added my email address to your email provider so you will get a ritual confirmation on the day of the ritual. I am not responsible if you do not receive my emails

Due to demand, this service will allow you to schedule 4 rituals in advance for $75. This is the price for three rituals, but those who enroll in this will get four.

VERY IMPORTANT: When you get to the checkout page, right under payment details there is a field called “ORDER COMMENTS”. This is where you will be writing in your requests to Saint Expedite. You MUST indicate a request for each of the four rituals if they are different. If they are the same request, but you want four rituals done for it, you may enter just one request.

If it is for different requests, please use the following format:

1. Ritual Request 1: And the issue you want the ritual for.

2. Ritual Request 2: And the issue you want the ritual for.

3. Ritual Request 3: And the issue you want the ritual for.

4. Ritual Request 4: And the issue you want the ritual for.

You will so be asked to specify how often you want the rituals to take place. Do you want 1 ritual a week for four weeks? 1 ritual every 2 weeks over 2 months? 1 ritual a month for four months? etc.

All new requests start on a Wednesday.

Once you send me your request, I will prepare the altar with the red candle, a glass of water and an image of Saint Expedite.

On the first day of the ritual I will send you a photo of your name and the part of the altar your request is on. It is VITAL that you give me your correct email address, otherwise I will not be able to send you the photo confirming the ritual.

I will present your request and a prayer to Saint Expedite twice a day for 7 days.

All requests will come with a PDF confirming your enrollment in the bundle.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you enroll in the bundle, your donation IS refundable until the first ritual is done. Once the first ritual begins, the entire amount is no longer refundable.

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