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Tributes to Saint Expedite

It is of the utmost importance that you pay tribute as soon as possible after he has granted your request.  He is a give-and-take kind of Saint so you must give him his due. This tribute is in addition to any other offerings you are giving him.

You may give him tribute through your own website or other means. However, I encourage you to use this tributes page since not only will it fulfill your obligation, it will also give others hope and confidence in their own requests to Saint Expedite.

Before you post, please note that when you supply your email address, no one on this page will see it. Your email address will be safely stored on the server and automatically subscribed to the Saint Expedite mailing list. If you choose not to subscribe, you will have an option to opt out. Opting out will not impact your tribute post. Your tribute will be here regardless of your subscription status.

Please note that due to SPAM concerns and other comments that may cause offense, ALL tributes will be moderated before posting on this site. When approved, they will be posted below. 



Please type in your tribute below.


Thank you St. Expedite once again for the many times you have heard and answered my prayers. Especially concerning my God- given friendship of these many years with my BFF. Thank you for getting through to my BFF as you can and I cannot. With your holy Martyrdom and martyr's blood, please touch heal cover all fear suspicion anxiety worry mental stress, distress and mental poison that my BFF suffers. please make your faith, courage and decisiveness his. Please fight the powers of despair and darkness for me, my BFF and our God-given friendship!


Thank you St.Expedite

Thank u St.Expedite for getting all my student loans debts paid off in full.


thank you!

Thank you yet again, St. Expedite! You always come through for me when I ask. I love you so much. Thank you for the extra $300 and the $70 that was manifested this week. Thank you for healing me of a chronic health issue. Thank you for helping my family member get so many overwhelming job interview opportunities. thank you, thank you, thank you St. Expedite!


St Expedite, thank you for restoring to me what was lost. I am most grateful for your swift action and will happily call on you when I require your help again.


A Better Preception...

St Expedite, I came to you in my moment of need and you provided me with truth and clear vision of my situation. I Thank you for lighting the dark corners of my life. The wealth of your love and understanding of my petition for you is a great blessing in our lives. I have kept my promise and you have my devotion always, St Expedite you have a prominent place in my life, home, and soul. Thank you St. Expedite.


Saint Expedite is with us

Thank you St. Expedite for sending us work and helping us to make ends meet when we needed you most. May you continue to support our financial efforts especially in times of immediate need.


Great thanks

Dearest saint expedite, thank you so much the Money I asked almost has be done I had very bad situation, I know is you you helped me glory to you may your name be spread


Thank you for everyyhing.

Thank you St. Expedite for helping me to keep my house and keep my God-given earthly BFF. You get through to him when and how I cannot. He doesn't know it's you. but he knows that we somehow hang in there and stay with each other. I know since I found you this past spring that you've covered our friendship and any problems we've had with your Holy martyrdom and your martyr's blood. I have to send donations by mail now but they are coming. I hope you see and like the lit candle by your image on the bureau. Small thank you until I can replace the flowers. THANK YOU!



"St Expedite, kindly help me to get money to pay my bills and to built my parents a house." Liyana


Thank you for your miraculous intervention!

Saint Expedite, you always come through, thank you again for your intervention!


Mi eterna gratitud!

Agradeciendo la gloriosa intercesión de San Expedito. Con honor, amor y bondad. Muchas Gracias! FMC


St. Expedite was working things out before a made a petition

Thank you St. Expedite I didn't know anything about St. Expedite until I saw a youtube video from by Mystic at the crossroads and she was talking about candle magic and working with Saint Expedite. She said that if you are new to petitioning and working with saints that this particular one is easy to work with and great for beginners. Because he doesn't require a lot of time cultivating a relationship, you can pretty much just call on him when you need something. So since nothing is a coincidence, I knew that l was divinely led to the Jasmine or that video. We had a situation where we needed to come up with some money by a certain day and I told Shannon we're going to get a Saint Expedite candle. I found a new Botanica, not far from where we live and all the reviews said that Mama Eve place just feels like home. So I felt like Eve's Botanica was going to be a good place to try. So while we were on the way to get the St Expedite candle, Shannon got a call about an opportunity to make the money that we needed it. So I said great its working itself out, I guess we don't need to candle after all. But lets go check out the store anyway. Eve's Botanica is a nice place with good energy and Mama Eve is a lovely woman. We chatted for a Iittle while and l ended up spending more than I anticipated, so she said I'm going to throw in some free incense for you. She reached in the cabinet, pulls out the incense, and said this for Saint Expedite. I got goosebumps! I told her the St. Expedite candle was the original reason for our visit but that on the way there our issues worked itseIf out. She said the St Expedite incense spoke to her. The incense were confirmation that St. Expedite was working things out for us. Jasmine said that sometimes things are being worked out before she even gets the candle and that so true! Thank you thank you thank you St. Expedite! Thank you Mama Eve and thank you Jasmine from Mystic at the crossroads!


My deepest gratitude

St. Expedite I want to take this time and give you tribute for your intercession with my deepest concerns regarding my Son's situation. You answered my special request today and I'm gratefully pleased and happy. May you continue to bless my adopted family touch their hearts for forgiveness and drop charges against my Son. I pray that your presence be in our lives and may you continue to see this troubling situation all the through. Thank you eternally St. Expedite. God be with you and with all of us. Heal my heart. Elizabeth


Thank you!

Giving thanks and appreciation to St. Expedite coming through for me again. Within two days he not only calmed my greatest desperation with issues with one of my Sons and his ex but brought resolution immediately. Thank you St. Expedite may you always be there for us with our needs. In Jesus's name I pray. Amen...+ Elizabeth



Thank you Saint Expedite for getting appointments for me to help me pay my rent !


For my Settlement

Thank you Saint Expedite For helping me quickly and speedily with my workman compensation settlement. Thank you St Expedite hearing my petition and answer it so quickly . I’m so great full to you. May your name be praised be known of your greatness and speed. Thank you so so much For your power and fame .


Thank you once again!

Glory be Saint Expedite, you are the greatest!


Thank you Saint Expedite for prayers answered!


Request Granted!

Thank you St Expedite for answering my prayer. I will be able to keep my home and enjoy my retirement.


Thank you St Expedite

Thank you St Expedite for listening and answering my prayers. My problems are not completely solved but daily problems are easing. I thank you for hearing me and helping my loved ones with their problems. Please continue to hear my prayers. Thank you. St Expedite pray for us. Amen.


St. Expedite came through for me again. Last week I was in a desperate situation and I called out to St. Expedite I just started talking to him and told him what is going on and he came through as always. I promised to announce and I am. I have to pay him for always coming through for me. I knw he knows my situation and appreciates it. I also knw he is going to help me through all of this really soon. Thank you again St. Expedite!!! All my love and respect. Lisa


Thank you again

Thank you again, St. Expedite, for favors granted. Glory be!


New job and wealth

Thank you St Expedite for everything done to help me with this new job and flowing money. We are forever grateful my St. Thank you so much!


Thank you

Thank you saint expedite for fulfilling my wish in the best possible way.Glory to you today and always.


Thank you St. Expedite for all of the favors and petitions granted from and through you recently for an urgent necessity. - I made a donation to this website in your honor and for thanksgiving.


Thank you

Dear Saint Expedite, I thank you very much for your help and for resolving the problem of my car payment issues. Your assistance with this matter has lifted a great burden from my shoulders. Gratitude, honor and praise to you.


Thank you!

Saint Expedite, thank you, simply, thank you!


Thank you once again, St. Expedite!

Glory be and thanks again to St. Expedite!


Thank you

Thank you at expedite for never giving up on me. I love you so much. Thank you for caring about me and my feelings and my life desires. Xoxo I will always praise you. He delivers your desires fast and is so powerful. Thank you again!!


Thank you! Saint Expedite is the best

I can’t share enough the power of prayer the his intervention has helped. A miracle worker. My favorite saint to date. You will see the impossible unfold and your prayers answered with his help. Blessings!


thank you for answering my prayer, for I will speak your name to those who ask how the impossible can be achieved, pray to st expeditie,,


Thank you

Thanks St. Expedite for all your help!


Grateful Thanks to you Saint Expedite

Thank You Saint Expedite for granting my wish , I needed my car to be sold . You found me a client and he bought my car for a reasonable price . You delivered my promise and I am offering you my grateful thanks . Thank You once again Saint Expedite .


Blessed St Expedite my faithful friend. Thank you for coming through for me and making the impossible, POSSIBLE!! You moved a mountain when i needed it most and with the greatest of speed. I will forever be indebted to you <3


Dearest Saint expedite, I cannot thank you enough for once again answering my prayers and delivering exactly what I asked you for. Your power is amazing and I am so grateful and I thank you from the bottom of my heart please everybody invoke Saint expedite for all your needs and he will come through for you as he always does for me


Thank you st expedite

Thank you st expedite you have answered my prayers please do not stop help us help us keep our home.


Thanksgiving for answered prayers

Thank you St. Expeditus for the healing of Bruce B and for not amputating his legs. Thank you thank you and thank you. Thank you also for the stabilization of Carmen who is in ICU. Just thank you thank you and thank you. You are always there for emergency situations.


Thank you St. Expedite!

Thank you so very much St. Expedite for fulfilling my urgent request. You made this happen in just hours. Praise to you and all the help you bring!


St Expedite, thanks a lot for today and for yesterday, and may the situation continue up until the mentioned date!


Millions of thanks

Thank you Saint Expedite! Your blessings have been many for me and my family! Thank you for such swift financial help


Thank you!

Saint Expedite thank you for filling my event.


Thank You!

Thank you St. Expedite. Anyone reading these tributes to St. Expedite will see my many posts. He answers my prayers daily. He never fails.


Thanks Thanks Thanks

Dear St. Expedite , you helped me again and I am so happy...Thank you so much , you are the best! Please enjoy my cake and the flowers


Thank You!

With heartfelt and deepest gratitude, thank you St Expedite for answering my prayers.


Thank you

To a wonderful and great St Expedite. I thank you and spread your name for coming through for me in a difficult legal situation. You never fail me and I will be eternally grateful to you. May your name be praised and your fame and power known.


Thank You St. Expedite!

I just want to say "thank you!" to St. Expedite for helping me reach my December 2019 goal of $500 USD! You came through for me when I almost gave up on you. May God bless you and your intercessory powers for generations to come! Amen! 🙂


Many Thanks!

Thank you Saint Expedite for your divine intercession. You are truly appreciated.



Thank you st Expedite for the money needed to stay in my apartment


just want to say thank you blessed st expedite for all your help and favours granted and as i promised this is the donation i owed you .and god blessing upon brother edwards and all st expedit is my little donationuntill i receive the rest of my inheritance.1266389094 it is 51 us and 02 cents god bles fran from noway


Thank You

Thank you St Expedite for quickly answering my prayers.



Saint Expedite, you are truly miraculous, thank you once again!


St. Expedite I give honor and thanks for you coming through for me so quickly . You are AWESOME


Thanks to the Almighty God and st Expidite

Thank you God and St Expidite for granting my request speedily today . Had what I was looking for. Praise God.


Thank you st Expedite for helping myself and my family in our time of need. You didn't have to answer my prayers and you did anyway. I'm grateful for your help and love.


Granting my new job request

I thank Saint Expedite for granting my request of getting a new job that pays much better. Thank you Saint Expedite.


OPS meeting

Dear St Expedite, Thank you for interceding for me so my OPS meetings were a success! Thank you for letting me be triumphant and that my first impression in the company was a huge success!!!


Thank you StExpedite

Dear StExpedite, thank you from the bottom of my heart I now know that you have heard me I need your help urgently withe the sum of $200,000 to secure my financial future tonight I won $1,141.00 in Lotto. thank you I know you care about me and will secure my financial future. I have complete faith bin you.


Sounds of my tears...

St. Expedite, I cryed for so long and walked through time with the scars, pain, and sorrow to which I took as my punishment because I was born. It has been a journey in a whispered path which has bought me to you. For the truth which is more than just sight that has not changed me but has made me rise to the promise of my my universal self, I no longer wonder in darkness, stumbling and falling unable to to stand up quickly, but now as I travel the darkness holds no sway over me. I fall, I rise, I continue my adventures and have gained great knowledge my soul can see. Thank you St. Expedite for you have bestowed onto a GREAT, WONDERFUL, AND HONORABLE BLESSING. I THANK YOU FOR YOUR BLESSINGS.


Thank You Very Much!

Today, in the morning, I asked you for something, St. Expedite. It was delivered, wonderfully, and I promised I'd come here and thank you. Thus, I thank you very much for the amazing grace and results!


Thank you St. Expedite from the bottom of my heart for prayers answered. Sorry for the delay of this Thank You. Jackie


Thank you St. Expedite

After being unemployed for 8 months and no luck in landing a new job in my field making the salary that I needed, I set-up an altar to pray to St. Expedite on Wednesday, November 6th. My plea to St. Expedite was to help me land a new job making a certain salary range "as soon as possible." That same day I was contacted about three opportunities, two of which I am about to receive offers for this week and will have to choose. I want to sincerely thank St. Expedite for answering my plea. I truly feel he made things happen in the universe and I am in this great position because of his kindness. I will be forever grateful and will continue to sing his praises to all those who believe.


Thank you in advance San expedito glory to you and the heavens for creating you and being here for not only me but everyone else 🙏🎁


Please fix all problems

Please fix my plumbing leak and outlets amen. And lower rent to 300. A month. For all my troubles. Amen.


Thank You!!

Thank you St. Expedite for granting my request within the hour as requested.


Thank you St Expedite

I am sooo appreciative of St Expedite and his assistance !!!


Forever Home...



So very grateful@ St Expedite

Thank you St Expedite for the many blessings please continue to shower your protection on me, jaime and jimmy.... thank you so much


Thank you

Thank you St Expedite for helping me whenever I called upon you. You never fail to come to my rescue. Thank you ever so much. I am ever so grateful to you.


Thank you

I prayed to St Expedite for some assistance to pay the necessary bills. It was touch and go, prayer an believing you interceded for me. Thank You


Thank you St. Expedite

I want to thank you St. Expedite for granting me what I asked of you. You have given me new faith peace and understanding. I highly encourage everyone to call upon St. Expedite. Have faith and tell him your needs!! Thank you again so much St. Expedite


Thank you, again!

Thank you Saint Expedite for your continued assistance! Glory be to you and G-d.


Release all evil stalking me

I demand god remove the devil from my life because he is stalking me on my phone amen.


Job Help

I petitioned St. Expedite with assistance is getting a job and I've been on several interviews and received 2 job offers. More are coming! Thank you St Expedite



Obrigado São Expedito por me teres ajudado a passar no exame de CRV. Eu estou tão agradecido. Glória para ti, São Expedito agora e através dos séculos.



Beloved St, Expedite, thank You so much for answering my prayer! I am so grateful to You that my brother's implant dental surgery yesterday was a success and he has even not pain! 🙏🙏🙏💖❤️ Glory to You today and always!


Thank you

Thank you St. Expedite for answering my prayers in my time of need. You have delivered to me everything i have hoped and wished for and asked you for. Thank you so much for blessing me and helping me. I am forever grateful.


Thank you Saint Expedite for giving such a quick response. I have a homemade pound cake coming your way!


Prayerful thanks and gratitude to St. Expedite for answering an urgent health prayer this morning.


Thank you for answering my prayers and for my request of $300. i was able to take care of the bill because of your help. thank you so much!


Thank you St. expedite for answering my prayer. I am so grateful for your quick response and alleviating the stress and uncertainty we were living under. Thank you again for always coming to me aid.


Thank You!

Once again, Thank You St. Expedite for quickly answered prayers.


Thank you.

Thank you St. Expedite for every request you have granted for me and my BFF. Especially recently. Always appreciated. Never taken for granted.


Hodie Hodie Hodie!

Thank you St Expedite! You have once again saved me! Thank you for helping me and my family. Your gifts are on the way!


Thank You!

My heart felt appreciation and gratitude for answering my prayers. Thank you St. Expedite. Jackie


Thanksgiving for packaged delivered!!!

Thank you St. Expedite for answered prayers!!! Thank you for the FedEx person finally mailing me and explaining why our package from Switzerland was delayed due to the product label not being written in English!! And thank you for the company acting quickly to create an English label so we could receive our shipment to mail out to our clients for the holidays!! This was a nail biter and caused me stress as i didn't know what to do so I turned to you and thank God you came through!! I will make the donation as promised and my other offerings as soon as possible. Please let the products get to our clients in a timely manner before Christmas, thank you again and again. Amen.


Thank you Saint Expedite!

Thank you glorious Saint Expedite for all your assistance!


Believe and it shall be done.

Dearly beloved, thank you for your help yesterday evening. I was in a state of need, said a prayer to you and a solution was brought forth in less than 1 minute.


Thank you Saint Expedite!


Thank you

I thank you St Expedite for granting my request. I have finally received the required funds for my medical expenses. Glory to you.


Thanks, Saint Expedite

Saint Expedite, thanks once again for all your miracles!


St. Expedite. Sorry for the late thank you. I am so grateful for the help when I needed money for my deposit in the room that I need to rent. I was just surprised that my friend offered money so I can get the room. Thank , thank you, thank you so much and I will send your dues soon.



Just wanted to write a quick testimony in honor of St Expedite as I have promised I would after he answers my prayer. I was recently in a tight spot financially and urgently needed some money to pay some bills, rent, etc. I started a novena to St Expedite and within a couple of days of me starting the prayer, I got accepted for a new credit card, a couple of friends loaned me the money needed and I also got hired and paid for a temp job! This is not the first time I have worked with St Expedite and invoked him to come to my assistance in times of need. He is extremely efficient, fast, helpful and kind! I am eternally grateful to St Expedite, and will continue to invoke him, call upon his name for assistance whenever I need him to quickly come through for me! I had also promised to make a donation to an organization dedicated to him or one of the causes he cares about, and I am waiting for my credit card to come to the mail to keep that promise as well. Please do not ever hesitate to call on him, he is extremely kind and generous. You only need to keep your end of the bargain and give him his due when he has accomplished the task for you! I love you St Expedite! Thank you for being such a kind, generous and reliable Gentleman! S.


Thank You!

For favour granted, exactly as prayed for 🙏 For speedy and per ted resolution. Thank you!!!


Thank you Saint expedite, for giving me an income during the holiday period when I haven't been working! As far as I know I shouldn't have been paid because I didn't take any leave from work but come pay day my default income came through anyways! Thank's again Saint Expedite!

Thank you

Thank you Saint Expedite for sending the money we needed

Thank you, Saint Expedite for supplying the cash we need to make it to the next paycheck, and thank you for helping to grant one of my petitions concerning love. You are mighty and honorable and fast!


I would like to take the opportunity to thank St. Expedite for helping me out in my time of need. He always comes through with quickness. Thank You St. Expedite for your help. i love you for helping out those in need.


I am so grateful

Thank you again Saint Expedite for bringing me some much needed money to help with my situation!


Thank you!

Thank you St Expedite for answered prayers!


Thank you

Coming again to say thank you for all you do and all you can continue to do granting me my wishes right away so expedited I will continue to worship you and have you in my favor


Thank you, Saint Ezpedite

Thank you glorious St Expedite for all you do and your swift assistance!

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