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Tributes to Saint Expedite

It is of the utmost importance that you pay tribute as soon as possible after he has granted your request.  He is a give-and-take kind of Saint so you must give him his due. This tribute is in addition to any other offerings you are giving him.

You may give him tribute through your own website or other means. However, I encourage you to use this tributes page since not only will it fulfill your obligation, it will also give others hope and confidence in their own requests to Saint Expedite.

Before you post, please note that when you supply your email address, no one on this page will see it. Your email address will be safely stored on the server and automatically subscribed to the Saint Expedite mailing list. If you choose not to subscribe, you will have an option to opt out. Opting out will not impact your tribute post. Your tribute will be here regardless of your subscription status.

Please note that due to SPAM concerns and other comments that may cause offense, ALL tributes will be moderated before posting on this site. When approved, they will be posted below. 



Please type in your tribute below.

Thank you Saint Expedite to make me receive the money that I was owned prior to the date it was due. I left you five weeks and has lighten several candles in appreciation of your kindness. As grateful as always for everything you had giving me in the past as well. I am honoring and respect the quickness you had done it. Warm kindness as always!!


St. Expedite. Sorry for the late thank you. I am so grateful for the help when I needed money for my deposit in the room that I need to rent. I was just surprised that my friend offered money so I can get the room. Thank , thank you, thank you so much and I will send your dues soon.


Thank you, St. Expedite, for the results I had. They were perfect and you did a great job. I'm very thankful. I very much recommend working with St. Expedite.


Thank you

Thank you Saint expedite for hearing me , i boe down to you ,please be with me always


Sounds of my tears...

St. Expedite, I cryed for so long and walked through time with the scars, pain, and sorrow to which I took as my punishment because I was born. It has been a journey in a whispered path which has bought me to you. For the truth which is more than just sight that has not changed me but has made me rise to the promise of my my universal self, I no longer wonder in darkness, stumbling and falling unable to to stand up quickly, but now as I travel the darkness holds no sway over me. I fall, I rise, I continue my adventures and have gained great knowledge my soul can see. Thank you St. Expedite for you have bestowed onto a GREAT, WONDERFUL, AND HONORABLE BLESSING. I THANK YOU FOR YOUR BLESSINGS.

Nilsa E. Lugo

Thank you St. Expedite

I want to thank you St. Expedite for granting me what I asked of you. You have given me new faith peace and understanding. I highly encourage everyone to call upon St. Expedite. Have faith and tell him your needs!! Thank you again so much St. Expedite


Thank you St Expedite for Jimmy texting back so i dont worry. Continue to surround your loving arms around Jim, jaime and me. will bring you another treat.


Thank You SO MUCH!

Thank you, St. Expedite, for speeding up the process of my new car--when things started slowing down, I knew I could turn to you for your most gracious intercession! Thank you so much!! Romans 8:28 is So TRUE!


Not even 24 hours

So about 4 hours to be exact! I started candle at 10:30am ... checked my mailbox shortly after 2:30 YESSSSSSSSS A CHECK!!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU St. Expedite I have two bills due Sept. 2 and 3!!! Got this check in the NICK of TIME as Sept. 2nd is a HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY DANCE!!!! -Katrina

Katrina Wetzel

Thank you@

St Expedite. thank you so very much--jimmy finally answered and now i can eat and rest. appreciate and brought you a special treat to share by my shrine to you. thank you again.


Thank you

My dearest Saint Expedite. You have always helped us. Thank you.


Thank you st. Expedite

Dearest Saint expedite, once again you answered my petition and prayers exactly what I wanted and needed and at the time I need to have it done you never fail me you are always there for me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Everyone must invoke Saint expedite for all their needs and concerns and he will come through as he always comes through for me is power is amazing!!!!


thank you for jimmy answering yesterday... it helps so much so i can not worry. i truely need a financial windfall quickly to pay everything off debts and start to enjoy my life and not worry...thank you St Expedite... i hope you like the two treats i bought you and the one ahead of time.


Thanks for helping yesterday!

Thank you Saint Expedite for helping me yesterday getting a money issue straightened out finally! I always appreciate your speedy support!


St. Expedite I give honor and thanks for you coming through for me so quickly . You are AWESOME


Thank you once again St. Expedite

Dear Saint expedite, once again you granted me everything that I asked of you exactly what I asked of you. I want to thank you from the bottom of My heart I can’t thank you enough. I cannot encourage enough to have everyone invoke Saint expedite and have faith and he will help you in every way he can I am living proof. He is truly amazing .


Granted me my dream Job!

I would like to publicly thank St. Expedite for swiftly helping me out of a very low point in my life, and making way for a miracle. I faithfully asked for his assistance in helping me call in a new job, and St. Expedite worked very swiftly to help me with my plea, cutting through numerous obstacles. Next month I am starting my dream job, and moving to a new city! He also helped me achieve a very handsome salary! This is the third job St. Expedite helped me achieve. I could not have done this without you, St. Expedite. From the bottom of my heart and with all my soul, I give you eternal thanks for granting me this amazing miracle and the opportunity of a lifetime! If you are ever in need of his assistance, St. Expedite will always help you achieve what is truly meant to be yours. Trust in his power to help you, he is all mighty! Thank you St. Expedite! LOVE ETERNALLY, Sylvie


Thank you blessed St Expedite

Thank you so much for your recent assistance regarding my license and travel issues! I am donating 5$ as I promised to your website?


St Expedite , thank you for granting 2 of my request ( total 4) on all the monies that are owed to me . The big ones are still outstanding and praying i get them as soon as possible as i have debts to pay. I will donate the gifts i promised of flowers and pound cake tomorrow and upon completion i will make a donation to this website . Thank you as you are truly a Saint of miracles...

Dolly Dhaniram

St. Expedite, thank you very much for sending the money that fast.


A Better Preception...

St Expedite, I came to you in my moment of need and you provided me with truth and clear vision of my situation. I Thank you for lighting the dark corners of my life. The wealth of your love and understanding of my petition for you is a great blessing in our lives. I have kept my promise and you have my devotion always, St Expedite you have a prominent place in my life, home, and soul. Thank you St. Expedite.


Thank you Saint Expedite!

Thank you again Saint Expedite for hearing my petition and helping me out in a time of need. X


Please help with car situation

St Expedite, please intercede for me with my car buying situation--I pray the dealership quickly delivers my new car with low mileage and low monthly payments. Your intercession has helped me and my friends & family before--I trust in your intercession! I thank you for your previous successful intercession as well.. Please pray for me and I will thank you publicly, I will also get red flowers for you! In Jesus name, Amen!


Thank You Very Much!

Today, in the morning, I asked you for something, St. Expedite. It was delivered, wonderfully, and I promised I'd come here and thank you. Thus, I thank you very much for the amazing grace and results!


Thank you

Thank you saint expedite for fulfilling my wish in the best possible way.Glory to you today and always.


Thank you St. Expedite, I am deeply grateful because of you I am so much closer to realizing a long-term goal. You have given me hope. You came through for me quickly and delivered. I highly recommend St. Expedite, he is a very generous spirit.


Saint Expedite is with us

Thank you St. Expedite for sending us work and helping us to make ends meet when we needed you most. May you continue to support our financial efforts especially in times of immediate need.


"Sounds of Teardrops"....

Thank you, Wonderful Saint Expedite I came to you in search of a blessing to rescue me from financial problem, but as I prayed The tears flowed and the heart spoke of love and a connection which I believed was lost to me 52 years ago. To see my father and to know myself, to care for my children, to have a the sun and joy which was seemed to have been an illusion in my broken soul. This was a wonder and a fear, I waited ed for the seven days and wondered more of the ones I Loved than the money...the day was here and the candle was brunet. I held the candle in my hands and once again I cried for the candle I had for a while on it was etched in childlike wrings,"I Love You Mom" and hearts drawn with in directions only the heart can understand. I have this treasure and the treasure of the request of my tears for it is truth of my soul. I wanted my Love which was not of money, although my situation is dire it was not that which was seen by St. Expedite. I placed 5 red roses, 5 quarters, and 5 pieces of pound cake on a red plate . My dearest Saint Expedite you heard the sounds of my tears and felt the pain in my heart, you are magnificent , you are part of me. My honor, is with you, your kindness and love is immeasurable.

Nilsa E. Lugo

Thank you

I thank you St Expedite for granting my request. I have finally received the required funds for my medical expenses. Glory to you.


Granted a unique request

I had a very unique request from St. Expedite, and so I made my request with no expectations of the results. My request was the retrieval of information about a past life. St. Expedite worked quickly since day one on fulfilling my request. Certain questions I had he delivered the answer through dreams. He will now have a prominent place on my altar, and I will be working with him closely. Thank you St. Expedite!!!


Thank you St. Expedite!

Thank you so very much St. Expedite for fulfilling my urgent request. You made this happen in just hours. Praise to you and all the help you bring!


Thank you!

St. Expedite, thank you for granting me the two wishes that I prayed for. You're always coming through for me. I love you! Amen.


Thank you St. Expedite for all of the favors and petitions granted from and through you recently for an urgent necessity. - I made a donation to this website in your honor and for thanksgiving.

Virginia Tucker

So grateful to saint Expedite

I want to graciously thank saint Expedite for miraculously bringing me money I requested for to meet my needs.i was hard-pressed but Saint Expedite saw me through.Thank you so much!!


Thank you!

Thank you for all of your help again, St Expedite! I’ve offered a donation as promised and will have your pound cake and candle tomorrow morning! You always gone through for us so quickly!

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