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Tributes to Saint Expedite

It is of the utmost importance that you pay tribute as soon as possible after he has granted your request.  He is a give-and-take kind of Saint so you must give him his due. This tribute is in addition to any other offerings you are giving him.

You may give him tribute through your own website or other means. However, I encourage you to use this tributes page since not only will it fulfill your obligation, it will also give others hope and confidence in their own requests to Saint Expedite.

Before you post, please note that when you supply your email address, no one on this page will see it. Your email address will be safely stored on the server and automatically subscribed to the Saint Expedite mailing list. If you choose not to subscribe, you will have an option to opt out. Opting out will not impact your tribute post. Your tribute will be here regardless of your subscription status.

Please note that due to SPAM concerns and other comments that may cause offense, ALL tributes will be moderated before posting on this site. When approved, they will be posted below. 



Please type in your tribute below.


Thank you, St. Expedite, that I am finally out of debt for the first time in ten years. Much gratitude!


Thank you!

Thank you so much St. Expedite for answering my prayers so quickly yesterday. My ex messaged me right away like I asked you. Please continue to help me and soften his heart for me . I love him and miss him dearly. You have never let me down. I will always be grateful! Thank you.



Thank you Saint Expedite for your miraculous and speedy help, I bow down to you, GLORY TO YOU FOREVER AND EVER


Thank You Saint Expedite for giving me a job not having any income coming in, thank you for finding me one in the short time frame i had given me. Im beyonf thanful for your speediness


Thank you

Glory to you St Expeditus for granting me the much needed funds for my car related problems.


Thank you St. Expedite for answering my prayer of continued employment and possible increase in pay. Thank you!


Thank you !

St. Expedite has brought in extra money from my online store and unexpected sources. It is helping me to pay off my bills. I appreciate your fast help! Thank you 🙂


finical help

thank you St.Experdite no matter what you always he always come through.No matter how big are small.He will always answer your prayers.


thank you

i’m placing my thank you and spreading your name across the world for always being true to me and working so fast as well as in my favor you always make it happen and come through and i thank you so much and will continue to forever worship you


Thank you!

Thank you Saint Expedite for promptly answering my prayers in my time of need! This is my first time coming to you for help and I am in awe of your power. I give praise to your name!



You answered my request and now I have peace.


Thank you St. Expedite once again for your help in getting my loan approved. Many thanks and glory unto you for your help in a time of need.


Thank you, St. Expedite, for putting energy toward my request. I am grateful for your blessings, and protection.


Thank you

Dear StExpedite, Thank you for the financial assistance on Saturday.I need $200.000 to secure my financial future .the money you provide is secure. I know you will come through.


Thank you st expedito for bringing my true love that truly loves me now ..thank you


Glory and Thanks, St Expedite

Thank you glorious St Expedite for your swift assistance!


Quick answered prayer

Thankyou prayer warriors as my today's PRAYER and yesterdays prayers are answered by abba father jesus Christ mothermary st rita st jude st anthony st expidite....AMEN as today again I wanted to meet my friend and her kid but i was scared to go as my sister was at home but then i prayed to my ABBA father jesus Christ mother Mary st. rita st.jude st.Anthony st.expidite and all my prayer are ANSWERED and also had prayed to get my tuition fees from my kids as i was in need ....and all went successful and also plz let my bad six sense of bad reality not come true and also i am sorry for my sins lord ...plz help me in all my needs ....and plz pray for me as tommorow and on 20 and 25th i wanted to go at my friends house as my lord knws my situation....and this precious prayer request and precious Thanksgiving i pray in jesus name...amen


Thank you, Sain

Thank you glorious st expedite for all your help and please continue to provide swift assistance in this time of extreme need. please help with my finances and my relationship.


Thank you saint expedite

Thank you saint expedite for answering my prayer and granting my request. I am forever thankful and grateful for your powerful help and miracle. Thank you again for the new car for my daughter.


Thank you St. Expedite!

Thank you Saint Expedite for bringing me the deposit for the project that was very much needed. I am very grateful. Thank you. Prays be to your name and to God!


Thank you St. Expedite, for answering my prayers in regards to my godmother's recovery. She went from a breathing tube, to now she's on her way home! I can't thank you enough!


Just wanted to Thank St. Expedite for blessing my family financially....It’s only been 30 hours since I petition him for money...So far it’s Not the exact amount I asked for but I am great full for any help he may give me...Thanks Again St Expedite !!!


Thank you StExpedite

Dear StExpedite, thank you from the bottom of my heart I now know that you have heard me I need your help urgently withe the sum of $200,000 to secure my financial future tonight I won $1,141.00 in Lotto. thank you I know you care about me and will secure my financial future. I have complete faith bin you.


Thank you Gloruous Martyr

Thank you so much St. Expedite for getting my kids dad a good and prosperous job. Thank you for always helping and guiding us. Thank you for the abundance that we have received from you. In your name we pray...Amen!


Thank you St. Expedite for granting my wishes. I am so grateful form the bottom of my heart. To all who read this please know St. Expedite never fails.


Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you for continuing to come through St Expedite!


Hodie Hodie Hodie Amen St. Expedite

I would like to give thanks to Saint Expedite for coming to my rescue in a time of emergency. It literally took one day after calling on him to help. I am so grateful


Millions of thanks

Thank you Saint Expedite! Your blessings have been many for me and my family! Thank you for such swift financial help


I got the job

Saint Expedite thank you for your intercession on my behalf. The job I thought I wanted did not come through and I accepted a different offer. I believe you gave me the right opportunity to work towards my goals as the schedule is a better fit for that. He truly is a miracle worker in every way and I thank you for helping me at my lowest hour. Have faith and believe he will come though. Blessings and gratitude for all yuu have done for me over the years. Thank you again for showing me the way. Glory to you Saint Expedite!!


Thank you

I know that what I'm about to say might sound weird to some who read this, But i have been working with St. Expedite for a while now and can honestly say how amazing this saint really is when it comes to really tough situations like dealing with court cases and other serious problems. As of recently i had become really smitten with this one guy who really was not that into me and my crush for him was getting so strong . Also, on top of everything else he didn't seem to be a nice guy either. So, one night i said to myself how can i stop having feelings for this person and i thought about Saint Expedite and decided to give it a try to see if it would work for a situation like this. Surprisingly it did , all the feelings that i was having some how neutralized. I know some might read this and say " why not light the candle to make him like you"? well, i didn't because i'am a firm believer in having everything come naturally not because it was manipulated . It's just not real . So, in conclusion i want to thank St. Expedite for his help and interceding on my behalf. Amen.


work so fast

did a 9 hour novenas for multiple things and i started seeing results in the space of hours i want to spread saint expedite name across the world and thank him for working so fast and urgent granting me my wishes, and request i will forever worship him and continue to have faith in you thank you


St. Expedite. Sorry for the late thank you. I am so grateful for the help when I needed money for my deposit in the room that I need to rent. I was just surprised that my friend offered money so I can get the room. Thank , thank you, thank you so much and I will send your dues soon.



Thank you St. Expedite for coming through for my Son today. As is the Luminous mysteries today the day illuminated our hearts. Please answer my other request. I am very grateful to you and pleased. In Jesus's name I pray. 🙂



Dear St. Expedite, Thank you for granting my wish and helping me to get the job I asked for. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Thank you for answering my prayers and for my request of $300. i was able to take care of the bill because of your help. thank you so much!


Thank you St. Expedite for answered prayers.


Thanks, Saint Expedite

Saint Expedite, thanks once again for all your miracles!


Thank you St. Expedite.

Thank you St. Expedite, I am deeply grateful because of you I am so much closer to realizing a long-term goal. You have given me hope. You came through for me quickly and delivered.


Thank you Saint Expedite

Thank you Saint Expedite, and Glory Be to you and G-d.


So grateful to saint Expedite

I want to graciously thank saint Expedite for miraculously bringing me money I requested for to meet my needs.i was hard-pressed but Saint Expedite saw me through.Thank you so much!!


Thank you St. Expedite for answering our petition. Thank you for keeping us together and safe.


Thank you

I been doing 9 hour novenas everyday to saint expedite until I see the results I need and when I tell you he shows me results same day everytime I want to thank you for all you have done and continue to do and I will continue to spread your name ♥️


Thank you saint expedite for answering my prayer! You are faithful and i will honor you as i vowed


Thank You!

Thank you st. Expedite I am truly great full for granting me my petition! I will spread your good work! Thank you!


Please help with car situation

St Expedite, please intercede for me with my car buying situation--I pray the dealership quickly delivers my new car with low mileage and low monthly payments. Your intercession has helped me and my friends & family before--I trust in your intercession! I thank you for your previous successful intercession as well.. Please pray for me and I will thank you publicly, I will also get red flowers for you! In Jesus name, Amen!



Dear Saint Expedite, Thank you for healing me and answering my prayers. You always answer my prayers in such a miraculous way and I am very grateful. I love you my most treasured Blessed Saint.


Thank you once again, St. Expedite!

Glory be and thanks again to St. Expedite!



Thank you my rent got paid today.


Thank you

St Expedite I am forever grateful for your help and I thank you with all of who I am. You have brought me a portion and I know you are working on the remainder. I want to show my gratitude by spreading your name and thanks. I will continue to give out your prayer cards . Even though not all has not been given I will give you what I have promised you, starting here. thank you


Thank you St Expedite for coming through once more! You truly are great!


Thank you!

St. Expedite, thank you for granting me the two wishes that I prayed for. You're always coming through for me. I love you! Amen.



saint expedite,thank you once again for your quick as lighting deliverance of much needed finances, im gonna honor your name and continue to praise you with full faith, dedication to your altair and your great power! thank you saint expedite! amen!


Thank You for the quick response!

Thank you St. Expedite for a quick response to my plea. You have my eternal gratitude.


Thank You St Expedite!

I am forever grateful to you for giving me final resolution to my request for peace and quiet in my home. Glory to you St. Expedite! Thank you!


Thank You

Thank you St Expedite for quickly answering my prayers.


I am so grateful

Thank you again Saint Expedite for bringing me some much needed money to help with my situation!


Thankful to miracle St Expedite

I received an unprecedented extension on the validity of my test yesterday and it’s all because St Expedite made it happen. I have been praying a devotion prayer to him daily asking for him to find a way to solve this issue for me. The validity on my test was expiring on the 6/April/2020 but St Expedite came through on the 27/May/2020 and now my test is extended another six months 🤗 Glory be to the Holy Trinity through St Expedite. Anyone who needs him please don’t doubt, keep the focus on him and he WILL for sure come through. I now have a 9th chance to get that driving permit. It is mine come rain come sunshine 😂 with your St Expedite’ s intercession, Amen


Thank you Saint Expeditus

Thank you for coming through for me on the blessings I requested. Glory be to Saint Expedite. Pray for us who have Recourse to thee.


Thank you, Saint Expedite

Thank you for always coming to my aid when I call upon you. Thank you for the swiftness and blessings of my house move.



Thanks again St. Expedite!


Thank you Dear St. EXPEDITE for granting my wish of getting my son's money which was blocked for so long . I am very grateful to you.


Glory and Magnificence to St. Expedite

This was fast. I prayed for a new home and that is exactly what I got. Thank you Saint Expedite!



Saint expedite My second exams on the 10th of October, my 3rd is on the 31st of October , my 4th on the 21st of November, Final the 12th of December Please help me pass with a 90 or above, as well as help me with my anxiety. You have carried me this far please help me finish strong ! Amen


Not even 24 hours

So about 4 hours to be exact! I started candle at 10:30am ... checked my mailbox shortly after 2:30 YESSSSSSSSS A CHECK!!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU St. Expedite I have two bills due Sept. 2 and 3!!! Got this check in the NICK of TIME as Sept. 2nd is a HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY DANCE!!!! -Katrina


Thank you

Thank you st expedite for all the work jobs love luck.. for more jobs for aall thank you st expedite


Thank you!!

Thank you so much Saint Expedite for a fast turn around!


I have not done this before, so I will keep it short and sweet. I have been working for an animal charity for some time now, and the council has done everything it can to stop me doing this work. I have called on the help of St. Expedite about 6 or seven times now as the council is relentless in the pursuit of trying to take my house away because of the animals I help and the fact that others on the estate think I should not be doing this. I have not had the decisive victory over the council I hoped for, but none the less I am pleased with the victories that I have had and these victories have allowed me in the main to continue my work. I thank you St. Expedite for your continued help, and I hope that our relationship will grow in time. you currently have centre stage on my altar and I hope given time I will be able to find the things that you appreciate more as offerings so our relationship can continue in a better light. I thank you again, and would, without hesitation, recommend you as a good spirit to start with in hoodoo work.


St.Expedite helped me get a new apartment!

I had been searching for a new apartment that for my budget, but had no luck finding the right fit. My current apartment was becoming a financial burden, and when I inquired with the leasing office what it would take to break me lease they said, “ 2 months rent on the remaining 6months left on my lease,” unless I found someone to take over the lease. As this was happening I end up finding the perfect rental that fit my budget and had all the amenities I was looking for. I knew I needed help renting the old apartment so I would be responsible for the lease breaking fees, and immediately Called upon St. Expedite for his assistance. Within a week, the leasing office called me to tell Me a couple wanted my unit and Had signed the lease then and there! No lease breaking fees were assigned! I am a firm believer in St. Expedites assistance, he is a miracle worker, and any time I find myself in a difficult situation , I always call upon him for help removing obstacles. Thank you St.Expedite!


Thank you

Saint Expedite you have moved and changed my life drastically for many years. I love you so much. I am with a man from the military and he’s trying his best to Create a Better life for me and mines. Thank you so much for helping us. I feel your love and power moving for me again. I am very grateful and overjoyed. Thank you for blessing me and looking out for me!!! Time and time again.❤️


Thank You

Thank you St Expedite for answering my prayers once again. Please continue to hear and answer my prayers.


So very grateful@ St Expedite

Thank you St Expedite for the many blessings please continue to shower your protection on me, jaime and jimmy.... thank you so much


Thanksgiving for packaged delivered!!!

Thank you St. Expedite for answered prayers!!! Thank you for the FedEx person finally mailing me and explaining why our package from Switzerland was delayed due to the product label not being written in English!! And thank you for the company acting quickly to create an English label so we could receive our shipment to mail out to our clients for the holidays!! This was a nail biter and caused me stress as i didn't know what to do so I turned to you and thank God you came through!! I will make the donation as promised and my other offerings as soon as possible. Please let the products get to our clients in a timely manner before Christmas, thank you again and again. Amen.


Thank you for saving me from eviction and kickstarting my career

Thank you St. Expedite for coming through for me with the perfect income opportunity, your timing was perfect and by your grace and intercession I've been able to get my life back on track and find the success and stability I was so desperately searching for. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU ST EXPEDITE!!!!!!


Thank you

Thank you St. Expedite for answering my prayers in my time of need. You have delivered to me everything i have hoped and wished for and asked you for. Thank you so much for blessing me and helping me. I am forever grateful.


Thank u god

Dear saint expedite thank you for helping me in time of emergency... Thank u thank u thank u


Thank you St. Expedite for hearing my request and for your very timely assistance.


Thank You St. Expedite for very difficult prayers answered.


Thank you Saint Expedite for all your help!


Always blessed <3

Thank you St. Expedite! You helped me vanquish my enemy in court on the 19th, saved my bff's daughters life, helped me to not get evicted. .. you are always on my side and I appreciate you forever!!


Thank you St. Expedite

Thank you St. Expedite for your swift assistance helping me clear my debts. You are truly appreciated.


Thank you!

St. Expedite, I want to thank you for granting me my wish. You granted me what I was praying for and I am forever grateful. Love you!


Thank you

Coming again to say thank you for all you do and all you can continue to do granting me my wishes right away so expedited I will continue to worship you and have you in my favor



Thank you st expedite for granting my always. I am so absolutely grateful. Thank you.thank you thank you.


Thank you, again!

Thank you Saint Expedite for your continued assistance! Glory be to you and G-d.


St. Expedite was working things out before a made a petition

Thank you St. Expedite I didn't know anything about St. Expedite until I saw a youtube video from by Mystic at the crossroads and she was talking about candle magic and working with Saint Expedite. She said that if you are new to petitioning and working with saints that this particular one is easy to work with and great for beginners. Because he doesn't require a lot of time cultivating a relationship, you can pretty much just call on him when you need something. So since nothing is a coincidence, I knew that l was divinely led to the Jasmine or that video. We had a situation where we needed to come up with some money by a certain day and I told Shannon we're going to get a Saint Expedite candle. I found a new Botanica, not far from where we live and all the reviews said that Mama Eve place just feels like home. So I felt like Eve's Botanica was going to be a good place to try. So while we were on the way to get the St Expedite candle, Shannon got a call about an opportunity to make the money that we needed it. So I said great its working itself out, I guess we don't need to candle after all. But lets go check out the store anyway. Eve's Botanica is a nice place with good energy and Mama Eve is a lovely woman. We chatted for a Iittle while and l ended up spending more than I anticipated, so she said I'm going to throw in some free incense for you. She reached in the cabinet, pulls out the incense, and said this for Saint Expedite. I got goosebumps! I told her the St. Expedite candle was the original reason for our visit but that on the way there our issues worked itseIf out. She said the St Expedite incense spoke to her. The incense were confirmation that St. Expedite was working things out for us. Jasmine said that sometimes things are being worked out before she even gets the candle and that so true! Thank you thank you thank you St. Expedite! Thank you Mama Eve and thank you Jasmine from Mystic at the crossroads!


Thank You St. Expedite

St. Expedite - Thank you for the incredibly fast response to my petitions. Your quick turnaround during my desperate time of need has restored my faith in your intercessions to my prayers. I am eternally grateful and will honor my word to continue to pray to you & inform others of your wonderous works.


Thanks for technical aid

Thank you Saint Expedite for making sure my computer started up again without issue. May you and God be praised!


Thank you Saint Expedite for granting my request of €600. I announce your name to the world.


Thank u St. expedite

My newborn baby son expensive medical bill got fully covered by insurance and paid in full!!! Thank you St. EXPEDITE.


Thank you so much.

Deae Saint Expedite, Thank you so much! I got the call I was asking for through your intercession. I got the information from that call, that put my mind at rest immediately. Thank you so much. I will pray to you again as I know I will need a little more help with this situation in my relationship.


Succes place to live

St expedite please expedite place to live job success now for love tw love us .Amen


Thank you St. Expedite!

Thanks for your swift and miraculous assistance once again!


Thank you

Thank you St Expedite for granting my wish. I am so grateful. GLORY TO YOU . Thank you. Thank you.thank you.


Thank you

I did a 9 hour novena to saint expedite and in less then that my wish was granted I want to thank him for all he has done and continue to guide me through life and everything else I thank you he works so quick and fast and co tongues to stay true to you and what you ask thank you again

Briana Reina

Thank you Saint Ezpedite !


A Constant Help

Thank you St. Expedite for helping us meet all our financial responsibilities and keeping us out of debt. We continue our devotion to you.



Thank you ,St. Expedite for all of your most powerful intercession and answers to my requests for help for me and my BFF. He is under mental/physical strain and pressure only anyone in Heaven can help him endure/overcome. I hope you see the candle lit in front of your image. Small thank you!


thank you!

my dearest Expedite... it took a week but jimmy finally answer thank you so very much and i have a treat for you tonight.


Thank you

Thank you St Expeditus for helping me get out of a sticky situation. I hereby proclaim your name so that your fame and power will grow.


Thank you

I thank you St Expedite for granting my request. I have finally received the required funds for my medical expenses. Glory to you.

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