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Petitions to Saint Expedite

On this page, you may leave your petitions to Saint Expedite.  If you would like to learn how to call upon him, please go to “How to Call Upon Saint Expedite.” Or, if you would like a ritual done for you, please go to “Services.” Please note that there are only 4 or 5 openings per week, sometimes every two weeks for the services.

Before you post your petition, please note that when you supply your email address, no one on this page will see it. Your email address will be safely stored on the server and automatically subscribed to the Saint Expedite mailing list. If you choose not to subscribe, you will have an option to opt out. Opting out will not impact your petition post. Your petition will be here regardless of your subscription status.

Please note that due to SPAM concerns and other comments that may cause offense, ALL petitions will be moderated before posting on this site. When approved, they will be posted below. 



Please type in your petition to Saint Expedite




So that I will get the job I applied for at HCS family services. I trust in your interceding for me St. Expedite.



Dear Saint Expedite, I am anxiously waiting for the results of my medical procedures. I ask you please to keep me calm. I have faith that all the results will be good. Thank you my beloved Saint. I Love You.


Glorious Saint Expedite, please bring back my customers and bring me new ones so I can get out of debt and begin living the way I hope to and the way I used to earn. I need a miracle, but you have always worked miracles. Please help.


Please remove my enemies & dark magic

I have a mean enemy named TMN. She causes me many misfortunes with her dark/black magic. Please saint Expedite make TMN leave me alone forever and permanently. my jobs get canceled and projects fall through. my health has been shaky. my finances have suffered since 2019 because of her. My partner AA has suffered many unlucky misfortunes as well. Please glorious Saint Expedite rescue AA and me Today from TMN. Please break all the black magic on me and AA’s relationship and heal our finances and health. Defeat TMN so she can never ever bother us ever again. Thank you Saint Expedite for your love and speedy movement.


Hope joy happiness

Oh St Expedite please pray for my husband stop him being moody horrible and saying hurtful things.for all the houses to be sold together and contracts signed immediately and money paid immediately.for planning to go though this week make me and my husband so so proud and happy and everything will work out extremely well for us.I will never have to worry or want or stress about anything.Thank you


dear st expedite, please help me get this rental property. It is the perfect place for me, and I have signed the lease but still need my dad to help me with co-signing. I just need that to go smoothly. Thank you for always solving my problems with roommates in the past.

rose blue

Thank you

Thank you dear Saint Expedite for hearing my prayers helping my son found a job. I pray that this will be best for him to start with and will learn a lot to be successful in his chosen career. I pray he’ll be able to do well in performing his job to help and heal patients. Thank you so much. Amen


court case

dear st expedite i ask for the best resolver to be in our favour and pray that its will end this year ,as we are now looking forward to our retirement .i thank you so much for leading me to you and i am so very great full to have said my novena thank you thank you



St.Expedite, Please help Cheryl,find the friendship she is seeking she is very lonely.


Financial Miracles

Saint Expedite, please grant my wish , send me money now and quickly so i can pay my debts. Please Expedite I am now in financial trouble help me please that i can recieve financial blessing now. I am begging you Saint Expedite please grant my wish now. Dont waste another day Saint Expedite i really really need it now please. And i am praying too that my money send to Gilma or Neswin will be return to me quickly . please please hear my prayer and i promise Saint Expedite that i will spread your name with love and honor so that it will be invoke again and again. Glory to you Saint Expedite i am waiting please for your answer to my request. Hodie, Hodie, Hodie


Quick Relief from COVID

My Dearest Saint Expedite, Please relieve and rid me of COVID-19 and protect my family from getting it. Please protect my family from injury, sickness, and death. I will forever share your name and give you tribute. ILY - SG


I’m desperate for my boyfriend to get a contract and job with a property owner. He’s been hoping to be able to start building and working for the owner. I pray Saint Expedite for a quick turn around and the matters are settled in my boyfriend’s favor. There is a rival trying to buy the property from the owner in cash. However my boyfriend and the owners were working together for many years. I truly believe my guy deserves this job and will do his best to make sure it’s done in a timely order. Please my glorious Saint Expedite, move things quickly along for the owner and my boyfriend. Please change the owners mind so he chooses my boyfriend to finish the job. May the zoning & township board Allow the property to be built on, May the architects mapping the blueprint for my boyfriend move quickly and efficiently to excite the plans. May the banks that are issuing out them money to the owner and to my boyfriend/his team bring forth the money quickly. Please Expedite this situation quickly on the behalf of for my lover. Please help in Jesus name I pray amen!! I have my statue of you and coins and cake will be ready for you ASAP!! Thank you so much!


Relationship and court case.

Thank you St Expedite for hearing my prayers in the past. I come to you in confidence. I pray that C will reach out in the next couple of days and not distance himself from me as I want to be there to support him. The situation he is going through will bring us closer and deepen our relationship. I pray that the court case will be in his favour. Please resolve this situation asap. I promise to make a donation to this wonderful website when my prayers are answered. Thank you so much and I love you.


Dear Saint Expedite, thank you for hearing my prayers. Today I pray to you to please help and guide my son in looking for the right job. Please help him in all his job interviews. May he find the right one as soon as possible. Thank you. Amen.


Asking for help...

Please, St. Expedite, Help us to catch up and eliminate all our bills so that our finaces improve and we are safe. Amen.


Financial assistance today

Please let this C1 payment come through today, o Glorious Saint Expedite so I can pay this urgent bill. Thank you for all your glorious assistance.


Saint Expedite, please help me start getting work so I can survive and eventually thrive, and please help me to rebuild my business and personal life.



Thank you anyway St. Expedite. This is my last week oc this miserable life of mine. I'm not scared anymore. Lovingly, Maria fr. Philadelphia, PA. ❤🙏🕊

Maria H.

anxiety about housing

I am supposed to be moving to an apartment which is a lot farther. In the meantime I have been living in a colleague's apartment and I am interested in possibly moving into my own space here. I am scared to hope. I humbly ask for your strength and a sign that this could be a possibility. I am scared about surviving financially.


Ca his sp and let hi cal do


Help with Vision and Court Case

My beloved Saint Expedite, I entrust my petitions to you to help with my vision problems and with our law suit to be settled within the terms of our insurance without our being out of pocket. I shall be in your debt. In Jesus name I pray. Amen


Make jd c h mi Abo wh he I his h... und all th is d


Please Hear My Prayer Saint Expedite


Thank you

Dear St. Expedite protects me from legal actions both criminal and civil. Thank you for hearing my prayer and answering my prayer in a quick and speedy manner. The unfailing prayer to St. Expedite


I’d like to praise him

I’ve been working with ST.EXPEDITE FOR ALOMST I yr already and he’s proven to me everything that I have asked him for he’s been here with me thru my journey of healing and he’s really helped me. Thank you ST .EXPEDITE FOR ALL THAT YOU DO CONTINUE TO DO FOR ME . I’m forever grateful to you. HOODIE!!!!!


Protect my cr.. my m and life


Oh st Expedite please pray for my town house to sell immediately.for all houses to sell together.for my family and my husband to be speaking again stop all the begrudgingly and hurt from the past.Bring peace joy happiness good health and good luck from here on it.For my husband to love me more and more every day and appreciate all that I do and appreciate his in laws and see the are right and good people.Thank you


Thank you so much St. Expedite for being there in many cases of need with my family and especially married children. You have answered prayers of financial need, employment, abstinence of drugs, marital problems. I ask that you please grant this emergency prayer for 2d son and wife to save their marriage. They are on the brink of dissolution and I humbly ask for your intercession to come their aid. They have 2 youngsters, 8 and almost 5, and they are devastated by their marital rift. Please also if you could heal their hearts and quelch this worldwide epidemic. Thank you.


Peace joy happiness hope good luck good health

Oh St Expedite please pray for all the houses to be sold now before Christmas contracts signed and money paid immediately.for planning to go though.for my kids to Boyce back at school and do extremely well at school and not fall behind.for peace joy happiness every day and everything will work out extremely well for us and I will get my wage every week into my account.for my husband to see my family are good people and he will speak to them all again stop my husband being hateful moody sarcastic and saying hurtful sarcastic things about me and my family and him and his family stop running people down who are sick.Thank you


Help Me with my future

St. Expedite please help my with my money . Please help me pay all of my bills off. i will be forever grateful to you.


Peace joy happiness reconciliation

Oh St Expedite please pray for my family and my husband to speak and get on very well with each other stop my husband having a bad attitude and saying hurtful things to me and to my family.For myself to be in control of everything stop all the hurt anger hatred pain in our hearts.For my kids to do well for themselves and to be slim.For my family to be very welcome to my home and not feel embarrassed or feeling fear.stop my in laws being disrespectful arrogant unmannerly people.Thank you



St. Expedite can you please help me to get a new well paying job in a good location asap.

P. Angeline

Please stop my husband being moody sarcastic rude disrespectful arrogant horrible bad attitude towards my family myself and my kids stop him making and causing trouble for everybody.Stop all the hurt anger hatred pain negativity and anger in my heart my husband and my family and my family will be very welcome to my home stop them being fearful uncomfortable stop my husband making trouble.Thank you


My Birthday

sr expedite thank you for making the packages arrive yesterday... i appreciate and hope you liked your treat... just jimmy forgot my birthday yesterday and i am still a tad sad, it was the first time and my feelings are hurt. if possible could you have him text today so i dont worry... thank you... i know i am asking a lot this week, but would make me feel better


Please help me!

My dear St Expedite Every morning I pray you, I ask you to please guide me in my life, guide so that i can see all the bad that is sent to me, i am surrounded by so many enemies people that would want to destroy me, people that has so much hate against me and conspire against me, talk about me, and make there on conclusion but i know my God watches over me There are so many that would want me gone from my work, please help me to regain my self confidence at work, help me to be able to do my job properly, help me so that I am able to perform my duties as expected and be able to see and understand the subject of my work, I have always been dedicated but I can see that I cannot concentrate and focus on what is required from me Help me St Expedite Thank you


I am asking for help I r t fo school and st l. Also for furniture for my house


Election help

Please, St Expedite, I beg your powerful intercession for a Biden win! And for uniting of our country, turning the temperature down on the bigotry and racism, divisiveness & strife, and for increased peace--In Jesus' name, Amen


Urgent house finishing

Please Holy Saint Expedite, help me finish my house that has been stunted on one level for 3 years that the rajns are even starting to destroy what we built please provide me with financial relief and abundance to buy material to finish the house and also pay the constructors. I believe my prayer is heard and its going to be answered. Amen


Get loans

I come to you st expedite to help us get loans sba on 144 o wh us st expedite rpw sfw help us ..

Sfw rpw

please grant my prayers

dear saint expedite, i pray to you, to please grant mohan's & lucy's heart desire, may mohan win the court case and get his money back. bless mohans heart desire, bless shamita & sampreetti, bless vimal aunty, bless doris and her husband, bless noah, her health and heal her miraculously , her husband her kids, bless olvan, bless me violet, bless niru 's heart desire, bless shameer his visa to be renewed, bless mylene her visa to be renewed, bless ramesh for his heart desires. please take this corona virus away from this world, please saint expedite. amen.


Please let my husbands new company start on time and please let it be a huge success. In Jesus name I pray. Amen


Loan customers

St expefite i call upon you to thank tou still need much help.with loans and customers to call aall rpw thank you

Rpw aall

I want Money for House

🎂🌹🌹🌹Dear 🌹🌹🌹Saint Expedite, please help me 50 lakhs amount of cost for New House in this month. Thanks... 🌹🌹🌹,,, Love you Saint Expedite.. Thankyou🌹🌹🌹🎂


My dear Saint Expedite, I come before you to ask for healing of female issues. I am very confused on what to do. Please clear my mind and show me the way. I ask you to please clear up any difficulties with obtaining the proper medications. You have always helped me my beloved Saint and I thank you. I Love You.


St Expedite please pray for me make me have confidence back and control nobody putting me or my family down anymore and I will be able to do things my way and come and go as I want and everything will work out extremely well for me.For my family each and everyone will be able to all visit my home again no more feeling uncomfortable agitated fearful anymore and say what they like.Stop my husband being moody sarcastic rude disrespectful to me and my family and everything will work out good.Stop all the fear trouble hurt anger annoyance I will get to buy whatever I want with my own money pick cars houses whatever I want .I will never have to stress worry struggle or work for anybody anymore.peace joy happiness.Great friends family and neighbours no more people in my life hurting my feelings.Thank you



Help me get work for my business J.R. Legal Process Service ..





Dear St. Expeditus, I ask for your Divine help in acquiring $5,000 so that I may move into a suitable apartment here in New York City, free of unsanitary conditions and the constant threat of being evicted due to my roommate’s health issues. Any blessing from St. Expeditus I will be so thankful for. I will spread your name in the form of a website so that others may experience St. Expedite’s help. Thank you.


Financial assistance

St Expedite i always want you to take care and protect my children Jim and Jaime first. but i am also asking for a financial windfall as soon as possible so i can finally retire, pay all my bills in full and return to teach part time and travel to see many holy sites... thank you,


Approval of loan application

Dearest St. Expedite, I'm humbly asking your assistance in approving my loan application on Monday December 09, 2019 at UWI Credit Union so that I can settle my debt at Community Care Credit Union and Island Finance. I need this to be approved so my finances can be more manageable every month. I am open to receiving this blessing and for you to enter into my life permanently. Thank you St. Expedite thank you!


Dear Saint Expedite, thank you for hearing my prayers. I pray to you to please guide and protect my children and their cousins on their trips. Please keep them safe. Amen.


lot for my friend

dear st. expeditus, please hear my me... that my friend's lot will be sold next week .. we are in financial problem...w e want to pay all our debts. tru their land, we will be able to pay our debts, I want to help them by praying with you that finally their land will be sold...please hear my prayer st expeditus....hodie hodie hodie...amen

janice marie




speed return of money

St. Expedite help me please that the money sent to Gilma/Neswin will be retuen to me now because i also need it to return to the people whom i borrowed. Please shwer me your abundanve blessings. Amen


Help with a lease

Saint Expedite, please help me re sign my lease. I love where I live but I'm afraid that I won't be able to re-sign cause I might have offended my rental company by asking for too many repairs. I really want to stay here as it has brought me peace. I also would like to ask for help for my friend to find a place to live here, they are a good person, and need a stable home. Thank you, and thank you for always helping me in the past



Thank you Saint Expedite for all the many miracles you have blessed me with. My dear Saint I ask that my COVID test come back negative and that I be healed of my symptoms. I have faith that you will help me. I love you.


Healing of my mum

Please, dear Saint Expedite, come to my help and to help of y family. Heal my mother from anxiety and depression. I promise I will make a public thanksgiving to you when she improves significantly and starts coming out again, knitting again, reading again. Thank you. Amen



Dear Saint Expedite, I ask you please to heal me of my female physical issues. You have blessed me with many miracles all my life and I thank you so much. You are my treasured Saint . I Love You.


urgent highly paying job

Please Glorious Saint expedite give me highly paying job as soon as possible before January 2021 and PhD



Please pray that selena rests in peace


package delivery

dear st expedite... this is just a simple request. please make the package delivered to jim today it has masks and gloves for protect from virus and now no delivery date on Priority tracking... please make the package get delivered today... thank you i will bring a reward tonight.


St. Expedite, please quickly clear away all the floaters in my eyes. Thank you


Visa renewal

Pls pray for speedy visa renewal process of my husband dominic peter altobano in UAE including my son nicolae anzhelo altobano. Praying also that their medical are ok. Thank u and God bless us all



St expedite remove this stagnation depression fear stress from is all rw tw vw sw tk..please help us St expedite speedy recovery



Dear StExpedite, I wish to publicly apologize to you I went astray but I am back on track and I am stronger than ever.



Please saint Expedite I need your assistance immediately please reunite John and I that our relationship will go on successfully help us to talk out all that needs to be done so we can start fresh and new. Please Saint Expedite I need your help with this. Please allow the bank to release and refund my funds as well. I promise you public thanks pound cake monies and flowers. You have always been the saint to come through for me I need your immediate help as the stress is really getting to me. Please help me saint expedite and grant my two petitions of financial help and relationship help immediately. I ask in the name of sweet baby Jesus amen


Please help me pass my interview tomorrow to get a job

I am in urgent need of a job now. Please help me Saint Expedite and I shall announce of your blessings and offer cakes and flowers in your name Amen.


family intentions, the safe delivery of my daughters baby and protection of my family and finances aresolved and exposednd malicious slander against family

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anne h

Blessing from Saint Expeditus

Saint Expeditus please grant my prayers.


Misunderstandings- unfounded-

My request is for the investigator and her supervisor to come to the right decision the only decision for everything to be found to be unfounded. Unfounded is the only acceptable answer to the current misunderstanding that is still going on in our lives. This misunderstanding has taken both a mental and physical toll on our lives and we are looking forward to the finding being unfounded and resuming our happy family life with the happy peaceful resolution that is the only acceptable resolution. Thank you in advance St Expedite for your assistance in my family issues

M and K

thank you!

Hi St Expedite..... Lia answered that jim is ok so now i can sleep.... thank you


Mega Millions Lottery Jackpot Winner

I petition that Saint Expedite will Grant my Desire to win Millions Of dollars on the Mega Millions Lottery Jackpot So i Can become Wealthy and have Millions Of Dollars so i can buy my own house and grow that wealth even more by putting money into my business to scale up and Help those who are in need And help my children live a great happy life with me filled with happiness and good health and prosperity. I will give offerings of pound cake, incense, water, wine and 5 pennies and 5 quarters and one red rose and also tell the world of His great power in Granting my Wishes and Desires. Amen Thank You Saint Expedite


Quickly Return of the money

My Dear St.Expedite, i will stop asking and praying you about my urgent needs.Please my dear St.Expedite help me please to win the lottery tonight so i can pay off all my debts which cause me stress already and i am also depress everytime i remember my money sent to Gilma and Neswin. St. Expedite please help me that my money sent to Gilma or Neswin will be return to me now. My dear St. Expedite its a big big help for me please let this persons i mentioned have conscience so can they return my money . please im begging you my dear Sr. Expwdite,do this for me and i promise to that i will spread ypour name with love and honor. Hodie hodie hodie



When you are in Urgent Need Pray to Saint Expedite. Our dear martyr and protector, Saint Expedite, You who know what is necessary and what is urgently needed.I beg you to intercede before the Holy Trinity, that by your grace my request will be granted. I PRAY SAINT EXPEDIT TO SAVE ROSE,THE LITTLE BABY OF VANESSA CALLED ROSE IN A HOSPITAL IN RENNES IN FRANCE WHO IS SUFFERING FROM THE WORST KIND OF E.COLI BACTERIA. May ROSE receive your blessings and favors. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and our Divine Mother Mary. Amen. When Saint Expedite grants your request, place a tribute on this website thanking Saint Expedite, so that his name and fame will grow. AMEN


Quickly Return of Money

Powerful and martyr Saint Expedite, hear please my plea tonight.! Please intercede for me that my money send to Gilma and Neswin will be return to me quickly for i really need it also to return tonthe persons whom i borrowed. Please i beg you to hear me on my needs tonight.!!


Job actuary

Please st expedite help tbw get a job now actuary data analysis please help her get a job be happy..THANK YOU ST EXPEDITE


Money for Debt payment and business expansion.

St Expedite, I call on you today to kindly bring me 50000cedis by the end of this month to pay my debt and expand my business. Horde and thank You. Amen.


My partner has health concerns. The people he lives with are causing him more stress which is aggravating his condition. Yet he refuses to leave them behind maybe out of fear. Please Saint Expedite, I’m desperate and I beg you to save my boyfriend. I pray he makes major life changes & severs ties with uncaring callous people. Please, he needs a turn around in health & where he lives.he needs me and I need him. Please change his circumstance and give him courage to leave toxic and unhealthy friendships/relationships behind. Please bring him close to me so we are able to make healthy choices together. Saint Expedite you’re my only hope. please help him to leave his unhealthy toxic situation with friends/family/ housemates. You’re my only hope. I believe in you Amen.


Thank you dear Saint Expedite for granting my previous requests. Today I pray to you to please make my son feel better both physically and emotionally. I pray for his good health and be away from sickness. Help and guide him on his job too. Thank you dear Saint Expedite. Amen.


St. Expedite really helps

I am thankful to St. Expedite who has helped me in many situations, he has granted my prayers many times that is why I believe and I strongly encourage others to also believe that prayers will be granted. Please St. Expedite I need your help in many difficulties I have right now, St. Expedite please let my car dealership drop the charges of more than $625 that they wrongfully charged me and did not install, St. Expedite please help me to find a suitable employment for my self as soon as possible right away please I am desperate for a new employment right away. St. Expedite please expedite a man in my life help me to find real love and happiness with someone. I need your help with all of these requests right away St. Expedite I am miserable right now and so beyond depressed I have lost my mind I need your speedy recovery and my all my needs and requests to be granted right now Please St. Expedite I believe and trust in you I put my faith in you! Thank you St. Expedite! I submit this petition to show others to believe and have faith in you because you have the power to grant speedy requests.


Please expedite repairs

Please, St Expedite, speed up repairs to the fan and plumbing systems, thank you!


A bad vindictive ex coworker is returning...she left on bad nore a few months ago most dont like it a few ok a few in the middle..she lied tried to get people in trouble and even some tossed so she csn get away with stuff..praying she wont stay..they think shes calmed down but somevwhovecseen hr ssy het behavior is questionable in these last few months Sarah kind and loving but has complex if her daughters rarely spends timevwuth her..i know as a toxic boyfriend is with her they lso dont see eye to eye..her other daughter good friends with me praying we keepp that close fr ship when she moves whicis dicy as she and her boyfriend have problems..praying for them bith..sarah moods swing a lot..most of the time ok..but i dont likes that she allows toxic characters in her life at times. I dont see them but will doon see our ex coworker praying she sees the truth..i just am a good friend to to her and Emily To re move a dicey coworker from the other cafe who is rude anf glares at u alll. Its her ideas or no ones..i ignore her Another coworker is awy this week but sh is unpleasant to us al..praying she wont stay


Urgent financial help

I am In dire financial situation due to circumstances beyond my control. Dear Saint Expedite please help me overcome this situation that I find myself. I will be eternally grateful and honor you with public thanks and gifts.


Financial Increade

Dear St Expedite, I come before you to ask for financial increase in my personal and business life. I ask that my business profits increase immediately to $8,000 monthly, for immediate funds to pay my rent and business leases in full for 1 year, money to pay my title pawn in full. I ask that I be financially free of debts. I also ask for protection & long full lives for my children, grandchildren, & myself. Don't waste another day. Grant me what I ask for. I know your power, I know you because of your work. I know you can help me. Do this for me and I will spread your name with love and honor so that it will be invoked again and again. Expedite this wish with speed, love, honor, and goodness. Glory to you, Saint Expedite!

The Goddess

Start a new life with my Boyfriend

Dear Saint Expedite, I pray for my boyfriend to fully commit to me and marry me. We’ve been together for a year. Please help him move quickly with starting a new life with me. I’m in love but he had so much going on he never relaxes and enjoys the moment with me. I pray he makes the change to move in with me and begin a new beginning. Please also help him leave his other attachments alone and be with me. Please Saint Expedite make him leave the other women alone and be with me only. Please make a quick turn around in my life and love life Amen.


Pray for my health and pre


Heal My Son From Anger and Help my Son Get A Job

My Dear Holy Saint Expedite, I pray you intercede on behalf of my son and heal him from anger spiritual attack. Help bring coolness and calm to his life. Remove anger from his life, Dear St. Expedite. Help my son get a job to pay for his school fees for winter 2021 session. I will offer you 3 red roses and publish my testimony as you grant my request and desire.


St. Expedite, please grant me a good paying job by the end of the month of October that will allow me to pay off my debt that I owe to people. My current job is barely helping me to get by to do so. It has become hard for me to make it. Thank you St. Expedite!!!


Please heal my hurt ribs - right side

Dear Saint Expedite Please, please heal my hurt ribs. I fell down. Please heal and I will donate money to the food bank as there is a real need. Please heal me Saint Expedite


Katie close once but we rarelt talk anymore..that we reconnect..Carolina too That i remain in Beavercreek my same work location


Good health to my friend

Dear Saint Expedite, you have helped me so many times. Please help my friend LB today. He is going to be tested in the next few days for cancer, and he is scared. Please help LB to be free of cancer and to be healed of whatever disease is causing him trouble. Please help him to regain his health and peace of mind. I promise to repay you and to thank you in public when he receives good news from his doctors. I pray for the health and peace of all those who call on you. God bless you always, St. Expedite. Amen.


Please heal the pain in my right leg and back so that I can walk easily and comfortably, free of pain. Please help me


Dear Saint Expedite, thank you. I am praying for the car repair not too costly. Please help. Thank you. Amen.


peace & prayer request

dear saint expedite, please let me find peace and work and bless and help mohan, fullfil lucys heart desires, bless shamita & sampreetti in their studies, vimal aunty legs, doris her health and job, olvan his health and job , niru her house building wish. best us all. thank you Saint Expedite.


Our dear martyr and protector, Saint Expedite, You who know what is necessary and what is urgently needed.I beg you to intercede before the Holy Trinity, that by your grace my request will be granted I ask for 500 hundred dollars to pay my past due bills please find a way to make it happen Grant my request May I receive your blessings and favors.In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.


pray request

Saint Expedite, please help annoma, which her health issues, please heal her soon. pls saint expedite, let your magic begin with divine lighting speed!


Dear Saint Expedite, thank you for hearing my prayers. I pray to you again to please always guide and protect my children. Keep them safe. Amen.



My Dearest Expedite--wishing you a very happy Feast Day! Thank you for all the blessings you send my way. Please continue to surround your Soldier protection around me, Jaime and Jimmy! Have a blessed and happy day!


petition to have new home

St.Expedite help to look for money i want to build a house with my own, please send me money my dear saint.