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Petitions to Saint Expedite

On this page, you may leave your petitions to Saint Expedite.  If you would like to learn how to call upon him, please go to “How to Call Upon Saint Expedite.” Or, if you would like a ritual done for you, please go to “Services.” Please note that there are only 4 or 5 openings per week, sometimes every two weeks for the services.

Before you post your petition, please note that when you supply your email address, no one on this page will see it. Your email address will be safely stored on the server and automatically subscribed to the Saint Expedite mailing list. If you choose not to subscribe, you will have an option to opt out. Opting out will not impact your petition post. Your petition will be here regardless of your subscription status.

Please note that due to SPAM concerns and other comments that may cause offense, ALL petitions will be moderated before posting on this site. When approved, they will be posted below. 


Please type in your petition to Saint Expedite

Saint Expedite, Noble Roman youth, and martyr,You who quickly brings things to pass, You who never delays, I come to you in need please release the hold from my discover account let it be verified and approved by all Do this for me, Saint Expedite, and when it is accomplished,I will as rapidly reply with an offering to you. Of flowers and pound cake Be quick, Saint Expedite!Grant my wish and I will glorify your name. Amen.

Michelle J

Casino Luck for Laura

My Dearest Saint Expedite, Please give my wife Laura casino luck at this very moment. SG


St. Expedite, please please expedite a resolution to all of my problems that I have been having for years, St. Expedite please expedite what I am asking for to be granted, please I am so desperate for this help right now.


Thank you St Expedite.

Thank you St Expedite for answering my prayer. Amen. As promised, I am making a small donation on here.


to do well on presentation.


Financial Aid

Please Saint Expedite please find a way to get me the money i need to clear my debts ,build my own home and to help my loved ones.I promise if you grant my petition quickly Iwill offer you pound cake,flowers and red wine and publicly express my gratitude to you as rapidly .


Peace joy happiness hope

Oh St Expedite please pray for my husband and my family all to be speaking again and they will get on far better now than they did before.for planning to be grated for us next month.for al the houses to be sold together and immediately and contracts signed immediately and money paid immediately.for my husband business to be very successful and he will always be very busy and I will not see much of him I will get my own money into my account every weekEverything will work out extremely well for us.Than you


Remove the stagnation in my life & let me travel happily.

Dear St Expedite, Please stop these stagnation in my life, let my life also flow ahead smoothly, let me also be well, let me also travel to various places happily, let me also get huge money, let me also get a great partner and let me also get a house. I have waited a lot in my life and slowly losing hope. Please help me st expedite, Please help me A


Approval of loan application

Dearest St. Expedite, I'm humbly asking your assistance in approving my loan application on Monday December 09, 2019 at UWI Credit Union so that I can settle my debt at Community Care Credit Union and Island Finance. I need this to be approved so my finances can be more manageable every month. I am open to receiving this blessing and for you to enter into my life permanently. Thank you St. Expedite thank you!


Oh St Expedite please pray for my planning to go though on Wednesday and everything will work out.for all the houses to be signed for immediately.for someone to ring about the house add and my husband will continue to be very successful and busy.i will never have to struggle or stress or work for anybody anymore.for our company to be very successful.fir true happiness every day.for my husband to be a nicer better calmer person and he will be back speaking to all his in laws again and they will get on far better now than they did before.My husband to appreciate me and love me more and more every day and appreciate all that I do and appreciate his in laws and let him see his in laws re good people stop him holding a begrudge.for the coronavirus to keep away from my family and keep it away from me and my husband and kids.Thank you


Humbling asking for Assistance

Please Dear Saint Expedite, Please assist me and my daughter to pay our rent , car note , and all of the financial obligations in full by December 20,2019 . Pease allow the claims that I am assisting on the win and be paid out promptly to bless me and my client this holiday season and into the new year. Please assist us in the urgent time of need . Thank you , Thank You Thank you, Amen!


Open communication

Dear Saint Expedite, please make my husband calll / text or WhatsApp me with love from today itself cz he wants to talk to me with love. I will offer as promised. please save my marriage saint expedite. I need your urgent help.


Find me the Man of my Dreams

St. Expedite I am 41 years old please expedite to me the Man of my Dreams I need a Husband please I am searching everywhere, please St. Expedite bless me with the man that I am looking for. I Thank you St. Expedite always! I promise to publish your miracle granted to me as soon as you grant my petition!


keep my family and friends safe and let them get all the financial help they need and keep them well from all diseases


Please help me create abundance

Dearest St. Expedite, I thank you for your presence. I ask you to forgive me for any transgressions, made either intentionally or out of ignorance. Please please me with vast abundance to repay my debt that has grown so large. Please bless me so that I may continue to expand my generousity towards myself and others. I believe deeply in my ability to accept your gifts. Thank you!


Relieve my stomach pain

My dearest Saint Expedite, Please help heal my acid reflux (GERD) and stomach pain. Also, please help me to lose weight. I will share your name and give you tribute. Thank you! SG


Please help me find a job

Saint Expedite please help me get a permanent job very soon. Please pray for me that this new job comes to me in a happy way and a better salary to cover all my expenses. Thanks a lot.


Miracle healing

Please guide the hands of Dr Shirley and Dr.Joel during my mom's procedure on Tuesday and miraculous healing of Dr. Mark his liver cancer. And my son's and Auntie Yoly complete release of the pain and anger in their hearts and learn to forgive who had hurt them. And Tess to pass her exam this Nov of the royal australasia colleges of gen practioner


Financial help

Please dear saint Expedite, let me have all the money I need to pay the rent and the house expenses and bills, and all finanacial obligations of my family. Also, grant me new jobs. Thank you. Amen


Financial Increade

Dear St Expedite, I come before you to ask for financial increase in my personal and business life. I ask that my business profits increase immediately to $8,000 monthly, for immediate funds to pay my rent and business leases in full for 1 year, money to pay my title pawn in full. I ask that I be financially free of debts. I also ask for protection & long full lives for my children, grandchildren, & myself. Don't waste another day. Grant me what I ask for. I know your power, I know you because of your work. I know you can help me. Do this for me and I will spread your name with love and honor so that it will be invoked again and again. Expedite this wish with speed, love, honor, and goodness. Glory to you, Saint Expedite!

The Goddess

Can you please pray

Can you please say a prayer for madeleine


Financial Blessings

St.Expediite,I really need your help today please help my money back sent to these persons Gilma Migliaci and Neswin Derrase, please touch thier heart that they may feel it that i need my money to be returned it to me. Permit me also to win the lottery so i can pay all my debts and so i can help others with my winnings.Grant my prayers my dear saint Expedite. Glory to you St .Expedite!


To obtain our job package from FedEx that is being on hold with the FDA

Dear St. Expedite, I invoke your intercession. Please please let me have favor with the FDA to release our package of chocolates and I hear from FedEx immediately. I have to get this for my company as soon as possible in order for us to mail the gifts to the clients. Thank you in advance, and please forgive me if I have not kept my promise of my offering for the petition I asked for a few months ago. Thank you in advance for answered prayer.


D let th p suc... do n Le th mo I g to m af m


love help and thank you

thank you for allowing me to get a great date yesterday and one today. i just want her to open up more and not be so passive about everything. please help me out in this regard



St Expedite please pray for me to be blessed with work as soon as possible. Thanks

Gail L

Oh St Expedite please pray for my husband and my family all to be happy and healthy and safe and speaking to each other again stop my husband being hateful disrespectful sarcastic he will love me more and more every day and appreciate all that I do and appreciate his in laws.for all the houses to be sold together and contracts signed immediately and planning to go though and someone will ring about house add.thank you


Save home

Dear st expedite i come to you in jesus help us keep 144 o wh ny. Sfw rpw. Help us have small monthly payment on 145 o wh ny so we can save it us intevine for us now st expedite in jesus name it will be so



St.Expedite, Please help Cheryl,find the friendship she is seeking she is very lonely.


Thank You

Thank you St. Expedite for helping me get the job I needed as soon as I moved to a new city. I am forever grateful for your help and speediness. Thank you, Thank you!


I Need A Money Blessing of $ 10,000

Dear , Saint Expedite I come before you asking for help with a quick money blessing of $10,000 for a house car means of funds and to help with my kids as a offering I will boost your name on Facebook about how loyal Of a saint you are I wanna thank you in advance for your help...


Concerned for my friend, need to hear from him

Glorious St. Expedite, I wait anxiously to hear from my friend, you know who they are. I am terribly worried for them, given their health and the pandemic. I fear we have had a misunderstanding or fallen prey to gossip from others. I am also fearful they are quite depressed. St. Expedite, I humbly pray to hear from this person in some manner this week. Let me be a blessing to this person. God Bless You, I will honor you with public thanks and gift.


Peace joy happiness hope

St Expedite please pray for my husband stop him being cross and moody make him so happy to appreciate me the kids and his in laws let him see his in laws are good people and he will be back speaking to them all again stop him being sarcastic and speaking his mind.for the town house to be sold immediately contract and deposit paid immediately as nd he can move into house for Christmas.for my marriage to be loving respectful happy marriage.for my husband to be so busy I won’t see much of him for my wage to go into my account every week.for true happiness every day let nobody put or run me or my family down anymore.for everything to work out extremely well for us.I will never struggle doing anything or work for anybody anymore.for my kids not to struggle at school and my daughter will bounce back nd not need support help anymore.Thank you


Can you pray for me please

Can you pray for me please



Dear Saint Expedite, I ask please that all my blood tests results today be normal, I thank you with all my heart, my precious blessed Saint. I love you.


In need of release

Dear St. Expedite, I will set up my altar tonight. I need movement in my life away from bullies and political machinations at work. I thank you in advance, as you have always brought me exactly what I need. Thank you St. Expedite, blessed among saints.


Please let the marriage between me and my lover take place before October


Thank You

Dear Saint Expedite, thank you for hearing my prayers. You are so powerful. I am very thankful. Amen.


Please repair the communication break with C

St Expedite, Please return C to me right away and open the lines of love and communication between us so we can resolve all misunderstandings and know clarity, friendship and peace again. This is so important to me and I need the truth to heal the past and all unnecessary hurt. I will thank you and put red roses out for you at home. Bless you miracle worker!


Recover and payments

I prayer my novena but still not received any answer.i have faith that my prayers will be answered soon. I need urgent money to pay all my bills. Thankyou lord.


Loan customers

St expefite i call upon you to thank tou still need much help.with loans and customers to call aall rpw thank you

Rpw aall

Saint Expedite, please help so I can get paid by my clients early and so that I have enough money to make it through December and January ok so that I can realize my goals. Thank you!


Closing on my new house

That we close in 4 days on our new home be quick and easy we will have the keys in our hands and ready to move in


financial assistance

St. Expedite please assist me in clearing away all my debts and the summons against me. Please clear and dismiss the summons against me. Also, please send extra money so that I can get a new heat source. When fulfilled, I will leave you an offering and thank you publicly. Thanking you in advance.





Assist me to pass my driving test on the 23/3/2020.

Dear glorious St Expedite, I beg you to intercede for me before the Holy Trinity and grant me this one wish of passing my driving test on the 23/3/2020. Please assist me in any way possible to not be nervous and do really really great on the test so I pass it finally. I will offer you a cake , some liquor and spread your name once I pass this test, Amen.


Urgent Financial Assistance.

Dear St Expedite, urgently need $200,000 to secure my financial future. I know that you will help me. It's been a almost a year since I have been praying to you.I truly believe you will help me. I acknowledge that I gave internet a weakness but have turned things around.


Money to get out of debt

St. Expedite - please bring me an extra $1,000 in income by November 5 so I can get out of debt from cash advances. I know you can help me. I promise to pay you with red roses and pound cake if you do this for me. Thank you for everything that you've already done for me. Amen.


Dear Saint Expedite, Do I take the Cel. training course? Please intercede for me to pass my interview and Cel. training course if it is meant for me. I also ask Saint Expedite to tell me where I am located in the future in 2021. Please intercede for my destiny. I will give thanks to Saint Expedite. In Jesus Name. Amen.


Peace joy happiness good health and good luck

Oh St Expedite please pray for my husband to be speaking to my family again.for planning to go though and for all the houses to be sold together and contracts signed immediately and money paid immediately.for my husband career to be very successful.I will never struggle or want or work for anybody anymore.I won’t struggle doing anything.for my kids to be happy healthy and successful in life.for my husband stop him making and causing trouble for me and my family he will love me more and more every day and appreciate all that I do and appreciate his in laws.for true happiness in my marriage and everything to work out extremely well for husband will see my family are good people and my family to see my husband is good.Everything will work out.Thank you


Insurance Payment

My dearest Saint Expedite, please help me receive a maximum amount ($'s) from my insurance for the damage to my vehicle that occurred this past saturday. I will praise and share your name and give you tribute. Thank you.


Saint Expedite I need you urgently I need $2,500 before January 20th please Saint Expedite I know you can do this because I have heard and seen your work. I need this for some bills and a few other things. I promise to bring you a slice of pound cake and give thanks to you. Please help Saint Expedite!! Thank you


prayer fo n iss w scho and to get a goo int



St Expedite, I need your help in acquiring funds to pay my bills. I ask for another 1200. I will make an offering in your name.

Ann Marie


St. Expedite, please help me get disability . Help me get it before this year is over. Help me be able to buy a humble, but trouble free house, near my church. Help me so that i won't be homeless. As soon as my prayer is granted i will spread your name and give you a simple gift full of love from my heart. Thank you St. Expedite, thank you


Need help in a hurry!!

Dear saint expedite we need help in a hurry!! Our tax return has been delayed for over 3 months! We always use that money to pay our school taxes. Please help us ? Please let it come in the mail soon!!! Thank you st expedite!!


Visa renewal

Pls pray for speedy visa renewal process of my husband dominic peter altobano in UAE including my son nicolae anzhelo altobano. Praying also that their medical are ok. Thank u and God bless us all


Conversion of sinners

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St. Expedite please please please I beg of you to help us remove our names from the business in Waipahu. May everybody (landlord, business partner, court) drop our names and not involved us in any legal matters. We just signed the papers to help. May the business in Waipahu continue to thrive and earn money needed to pay off the dues and not to go through this again.


Please assist my request for financial help! I need to overcome my debt and have the finances to pay for my funeral costs. Thank you/


financial help

I know St Expedite is busy helping people with needs more urgent than mine but I still want o petition his help. No matter how hard I try or many hours I work I still have more bills than I can pay. My wife's hospital, car repairs for my son and a mistake I made on my taxes. If there is anything you can do I would grateful forever and would reward you with praise, red wine and pound cake. Thank you. Amen


Dear St. Expedite; I am in desperate need of help. I need to be free of my boyfriend. I know he has cheated on me and has many secrets from me. I even think he is cheating on me right now (an emotional affair). Can you please help me. I also need protection for my children, myself and my reputation. I know you are extremely powerful and can resolve my situation swiftly and effectively. I just need to be on the right path, my path....Please help me.


2020 ressolution

I ask for more wisdom. To serve God more and to have courage. I ask for more faith. To have a good and permanent job. To have a good, caring,loving,forgiving,and prayerful family(life partner) Deliverance to my family.


Oh blessed. St Expedite please oh please let this house house be sold now quickly at the full asking price and the people want to move in immediately and deposit and contracts signed.please make the estate agents be constantly ringing my husband now about this house .please make all three houses sell now together and I will appreciate all you do and light that candle for you.for planning to go though and stop my husband being cross loud moody towards me and his in laws let him appreciate us very much and see we are good people.Thank you


Help me pass this semester strong!

You have carry me in this program. Please help me finish the semester strong on December 12th. Thank you in advance! Saint expedite you are faithful!


Fast recovery of my mother

St. Expedite please help me for my mother's health that she wll be ok immediately, she will be heal and please let her all laboratory and testing turn to negatiive .please i am begging my dear St.Expedite. In Jesus Name Amen.


Oh please st expedite please pray for peace joy happiness good health and good luck in my life.for a loving husband and happy marriage no more arguments.for my family and my husband all be speaking again they will get on far better now than they did before and stop my husband being rude disrespectful horrible to myself and my family let him see my family are good and my family to see my husband is good to.Everything to work out extremely well for us.please pray that our two houses will be sold this month we will not have to pay ESB bills again.for planning to go though and my husband to get loads of work I will never have to want or work for anybody anymore and he will get good nice fellas to work for him and I will never see him much he will be really busy .for myself not to struggle doing anything and my kids never to struggle at school and get pod jobs in life and never bring me trouble.or my sisters belly fat to disappear and her sore back to disappear and my brother’s arthritis to disappear.Thank you



Please help me attain my LPN degree, Help me pass all my classes this semester understand the concepts begin taught to me. Prayer to complete my program with no delays and pass my state board the first time.


Money to pay all my debts

My dear saint money magician i am here now asking for your great help for i am now in financial trouble. Permit me to win the lottery today so i can pay all my debts and so i can help others on my winnims. Grant please saint Expedite on my prayer.Amen


Hodie Hodie Hodie

I come before you, Saint Expedite, To remedy economic problems in my work and my home. And to ask for your powerful support. Saint Expedite, protect my income, That I may obtain sufficient money for necessities, And tranquility and joy will reign in my house. By your grace, Blessed Saint, I request and pray that I will achieve my desire. I ask that my rent be immediately paid in full by the 21 of September please intercede Hodie and in return i will give you the best i have to offer


peace & prayer request

dear saint expedite, please let me find peace and work and bless and help mohan, fullfil lucys heart desires, bless shamita & sampreetti in their studies, vimal aunty legs, doris her health and job, olvan his health and job , niru her house building wish. best us all. thank you Saint Expedite.


Please have my friend (Adam) call me very soon by the end of this week! Thank you st expedite


Assist With New Job Search

ST. Expedite I humbly ask you to please help me get a new IT leadership job at a major pharmaceutical company. I need a better job to provide for my family and my own future. I promise to honor your name in return so that others can see your glory.


New Home

Let me find the perfect home for me to purchase, somewhere that I will be at peace and enjoy living ASAP.


Petition for new path

Dear Saint Expedite, I failed my CELTA interview. If this is much better for me to have failed,-no CELTA-please set me on another path and be an intercessor for me. I will pay tribute to you. In Jesus Name. Amen. Amen. Amen.


Health for my friend

Dear St. Expedite, my good friend Seta is having surgery on her back next Tuesday the 18th. I ask for your protection and a speedy recovery and all the best for her good health. I will set up my altar to you tonight. She will be in need of your help. As always, I thank you and bless you, dearest St. Expedite, blessed among saints. Love from Doreen


Job thank you

St expedite thank you for help getting tbwfsi11101997 job..thank you help her be great love job


PLEASE protect me St expedite , I am so afraid


scholarship for school

Dear wonderful, glorious Saint Expedite, I come to you once again to humbly ask for your help once again. My desire is to win a scholarship to attend school in September 2020. I pray that my application gets chosen and I am awarded a full-fee scholarship. I know you can do it for me Saint Expedite as I have witnessed the miraculous works of your hands. Thank you for always being here for me because of you Saint Expedite I am calm and have peace in my heart and mind. I love you


Dear St Expedite, Thank you for hearing my prayers in the past. I come to you again in confidence. I ask for your intercession that my relationship with C will be healed and resolved. I pray that he will call me so we can sort things out. I was very hurt and I said terrible things to him that really wounded him. I pray that he can forgive me. Show me if he is the right person or not by the end of this Novena. In the end, I want to do the will of God. If my prayer is answered I will make a donation and make your name known. Thank you St Expedite and I love you.



Dear Saint Expedite, I come before you to ask for healing of my mouth issues and difficulties. I am in such pain. Please help me . You are my most treasured blessed Saint who all through my life has always come to my aid. I have faith that you will bless and heal me. I love you.


I am asking for money to pay off s. M st loa to com in


Dear Martyr & Saint, Miracle Worker of Urgent Needs, most beloved St Expedite, listen to my plea....In the name of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit, Amen. I call forth the great power and presence of Saint Expedite in my time of financial trouble. I offer my body, heart, mind and soul completely upon your altar of Light. I have Faith, Trust and complete Confidence and that you will be my most powerful strength in this time of need. Quickly come to my assistance! Bring to my the resolution and the completely resolve all my financial difficulties. With the utmost urgency, deliver unto me financial rewards to mitigate all the financial difficulties once and for all. My financial need is most urgent. Be my beacon of light and steady guide in this dire situation so that I may live with peace, love and prosperity and extreme abundance in the presence and praise to God. Amen.



Dear lord Saint Expedite, I come before you and ask of your assistance to speed up Jason and I's marriage to each other, so we may begin our journey in this life together with our family. Many thanks oh blessed Saint Expedite


Thank you dear Saint Expedite for hearing my prayers. Today I pray to you again to please guide and help my son find the right job. I pray that he gets one very soon where it will be best for him. Thank you. Amen.



Dear Saint Expedite, I ask you please to bless me and watch over my medical tests tomorrow. Please let all tests have a normal result. I graciously thank you for all the miracles you have blessed me with during my life. You are truly a miraculous Saint. I love you.


Please help me get recertified for pandemic unemployment assistance through the rest of the year, please help me get the classes that I need for the summer and fall so that I can complete my prerequisites for nursing, and start studying nursing. Thank you always, and I hope that I made your fame grow.


For restoration of relationship with my son and that he will be delivered from Depression. Thank you with all my heart


Restore Relationship

Dear Saint Expedite, I know you have interceded on my behalf and through your miracles I have received a deeper and friendlier relationship with Kevin, I continue to ask for your help in brining us together again during this holiday season. I promise to pay you promptly and completely once I receive an email from him.


Financial mira c

I request good luck to win huge jackpot and go back home


Please make jimmy text

i cannot pace around becuase of my ankle and he is not answering.. please st expedite, have him text soon. i brought you a reward. thank you


please let this rioting and unrest in our country be stopped for good



St expedite please i petition you to please help us regain get our money inheritance property that is ours that belongs to us rpw absw tw vw..aalll

Abfsw rw tw vw aall

Back Child Support.

My dearest and most faithful Roman! You are powerful and speedy, of great courage and faith! Please fill my most urgent need speedily? This wish I beg of you this wish I ask of you....... Please Saint Expedite bring to me in full the lump sum.back child support that is owed to me and my children. Please bring all of it to me! Make RV pay in full what he owes us! Once you have completed this I promise to.give to you pound cake, red wine and 5 nickles!!! I will also spread your name so you will be called on again and again! I know your power, I know you will do it! Blessings to you my most faithful Saint Expedite.

Lenya Breck


praying for a good grade on pap, exam and class to get student loan for September. Money to pay au, bills, da and sephora





Urgent need

Please Saint Expedite heat my urgent petition and grant it as soon as possible. Please have the bank return my funds and release them immediately. Help me to obtain more driving jobs immediately. Please saint expedite I need to create immediate monies. Please bring John forward as well so I can get out of my bad habit of spending money. Please Saint Expedite I know I can always count on you. Please do not disappoint I will honor you with thanks flowers s pound cake. Please Saint Expedite I need this today this very day. Please grant both of my petitions.



Dear St. Expedite, I ask you very much for the re-election of current president in my country.


Please help me pass my interview tomorrow to get a job

I am in urgent need of a job now. Please help me Saint Expedite and I shall announce of your blessings and offer cakes and flowers in your name Amen.


Loan £45,000 to be approved

Dear Saint Expedite, thank you so much for granting my request to have the bank send me the loan application form to get a loan of £45,000. I have sent in the loan application and my prayer request is that they approve the loan amount of £45,00 and it is in my bank account the next morning. Thank you for always coming through for me.