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Petitions to Saint Expedite

On this page, you may leave your petitions to Saint Expedite.  If you would like to learn how to call upon him, please go to “How to Call Upon Saint Expedite.” Or, if you would like a ritual done for you, please go to “Services.” Please note that there are only 4 or 5 openings per week, sometimes every two weeks for the services.

Before you post your petition, please note that when you supply your email address, no one on this page will see it. Your email address will be safely stored on the server and automatically subscribed to the Saint Expedite mailing list. If you choose not to subscribe, you will have an option to opt out. Opting out will not impact your petition post. Your petition will be here regardless of your subscription status.

Please note that due to SPAM concerns and other comments that may cause offense, ALL petitions will be moderated before posting on this site. When approved, they will be posted below. 


Please type in your petition to Saint Expedite


Dear St Expedite, Please help in getting my VISA Extension APPROVED immediately. I know you can do this. I know your work. I will offer Rum , Pound cake and flowers at the cross road. Please get it approved Immediately, thank you!

Prashant Katti

Thank You

Thank you St. Expedite for helping me get the job I needed as soon as I moved to a new city. I am forever grateful for your help and speediness. Thank you, Thank you!


Petition for diagnosis

Dear Saint Expedite, Please intercede for me for the diagnosis that I have received. I pray that I am healthier and better from now on. In Jesus Name. Amen.


Thank you!

thank you St Expedite for your continued support in my prayers to you! Please keep the blessings flowing to me jaime and jimmy. Thank you again so much!


In need of release

Dear St. Expedite, I will set up my altar tonight. I need movement in my life away from bullies and political machinations at work. I thank you in advance, as you have always brought me exactly what I need. Thank you St. Expedite, blessed among saints.


Dear St Expedite I pray ask your help for WIL,AM and MA be able to obtain their grants and share their blessings with me for my help to them.I also pray for financial windfall for Cl so ahe can help me pay much needed transportation.



I’m suffering with panic anxiety disorder and I can’t stand feeling so badly any more. Please help me now or lord let me be at peace, I have never felt so hopeless and agitated and depressed. I need relief now. St expedite help me now through Jesus and Mary.


Help those in pandemic

Help the pandemic souls


please help me find a housemate

Dear st. Expedite. Please help me find a roommate so that I can keep my house and not have to worry anymore. Also please help me make some money on etsy as well. Thank you for all that you have already done for me!


Dear Saint Expedite, Happy Feast Day! Please help, intercede with regard to my Intentions (that Peggy and I respond well to our treatments and make full recoveries), my Family's Petitions, the Wishes of CA and that we will succeed in selling our receivables and everything good will flow from that. Thank you! Love John

John Henry Bourke

I Need A Money Blessing of $ 10,000

Dear , Saint Expedite I come before you asking for help with a quick money blessing of $10,000 for a house car means of funds and to help with my kids as a offering I will boost your name on Facebook about how loyal Of a saint you are I wanna thank you in advance for your help...


Job Miracle

Tu the holy martyr Saint Expedite, I humbly ask for your intercession on my behalf. I this past week interviewed for a company that helps individuals with their financial struggles. The work culture is positive and I wholeheartedly believe I would be a perfect fit as a employee. I ask oh great Saint Expedite that I'm hired as their new employee. Influence the executives and recruiters to offer me the job. This position can open so many doors and allow peace of mind. I will give proper payment and praise your name to make this happen. Glory to you Saint Expedite


Please help find favor in the court that I can continue to have care and protection rights for my grand children


Saint Expedite how faithful you are!! You have carried me faithfully all through my program. Tomorrow is my last exam please come through for me and help me finish strong with a 76 or above Amen

Chrislyne FL

Pray to Saint Expedite. Saint Expedite, Noble Roman youth, and martyr,You who quickly brings things to pass, You who never delays, I come to you in need Grant my request for Trevor to receive the car her desires a Ford Taurus please find a way to make it happen open an avenue to allow it Do this for me, Saint Expedite, and when it is accomplished,I will as rapidly reply with an offering to you. I will give tribute here as well as make an offering of pound cake Be quick, Saint Expedite!Grant my wish and I will glorify your name. Amen.When your request is granted, Place an ad in the newspaper or on this website thanking Saint Expedite, to spread his fame.


Urgent Financial Assistance.

Dear St Expedite, urgently need $200,000 to secure my financial future. I know that you will help me. It's been a almost a year since I have been praying to you.I truly believe you will help me. I acknowledge that I gave internet a weakness but have turned things around.


Intercede to Make Our Paths Cross

Glorious St. Expedite, Thank you for favors already granted, you never fail me. On Thursday, I feel I may gave a chance to cross paths with the person I have been petitioning you about, Mr. MD. I feel an in-person meeting is the only way to sort this out. I now have grave concerns about his safety, due to some unforseen circumstances related to the pandemic. An in-person meeting is imperative. Glorious Saint Expedite, you have already presented the opportunity to be a location that he must also go, despite the pandemic. Please intercede on Thursday to ensure that our paths cross, and that we reconnect. I am making a donation to this site now, as well as freshening your altar. I will give praise and thanks, as I always do. God Bless You.


Saint Expedite, please help so I can get paid by my clients early and so that I have enough money to make it through December and January ok so that I can realize my goals. Thank you!


Financial Assistance

St Expedite.... please send financial assistance quickly... also protect Jaime and Jimmy always.... Thank you for all you do so quickly... i will bring you a reward when i return home...


Dear St Expedite, I have a burdent to take care of my family. My father had just receontly passed away and my mother is not in good health. We are now suffering with Corona virus and that I want to be able to obtain a gainful permanent employment very soon so that I can take cate of my mother and help lift this heavy burden from my heart. I will teach others upon your prayer. Amen



Dearest Expedite, please make me feel better right away this evening. and please make jimmy text today and his package arrive on time... i already brought you a treat but will honor your memory with another reward.... help me and thank you. love BZ


Asking for help...

Please, St. Expedite, Help us to catch up and eliminate all our bills so that our finaces improve and we are safe. Amen.


Help, please!

St. Expedite, please send to my BFF A a sign to stay with the good God-given friendship that we have. To follow through on all plans we've made to go places, do things with each other. Be a voice from heaven that he will listen to, stronger than the earthly voices giving him mental poison, fear, suspicion, doubt disguised as wisdom and experience. As a martyr please cover with your holy martyrdom and martyr's blood these conversations A and I have had since this past Sunday. Do the same for the effects of repeated brain trauma, brain injury and his weakened faith. Thank you. I hope you see and approve of the candles lit in front of your image in my home



Dear StExpedite, I wish to publicly apologize to you I went astray but I am back on track and I am stronger than ever.


St.expedite please help me to get back my ornaments from Babu soon.i asked him many times he not giving back.i must get back through u saint.i don't have any one to help.noone hears my and children suffering.pls saint expedite help me to get back soon


Financial assistance today

Please let this C1 payment come through today, o Glorious Saint Expedite so I can pay this urgent bill. Thank you for all your glorious assistance.


Help Me Get A Home again and tonight please help me pay for my hotel and pay my daughter back please

Dear St. Expedite I come to u right now in my desperate need. I’m out here now doing what I do. I ask u to send me a date or let me when money very quickly so I can pay for my room,pay daughter back and not be in need tomorrow of a place to stay or to eat. Please St. Expedite I ask u this and I knw I owe u and I promise I will pay unit pound cake ur pennies and also spread ur name to every1 please let it happen soon for me. Please lead me n the right direction and show me how to or send me some1. Let me make it home safely and with no harm to anyone. Please let it Hotel-North expeditiously please St.Expedite in The name of the Trinity. I pray and ask u and promise to invoke your name to all and pay u back. Please help me in this desperate situation please St. Expedite. Please!!! Amen


Financial help

Please dear saint Expedite, let me have all the money I need to pay the rent and the house expenses and bills, and all finanacial obligations of my family. Also, grant me new jobs. Thank you. Amen


My case closed n my girls home

Dairy Sweet saint expedite I come to you on my knees crying and sweating I ask that you please make the courts the DCF supervisors the unit supervisors understand that I can keep my children safe that I do know how to choose appropriate men that I said the things I said to the psychologist when I had the testing, because I was very scared and low self-esteem but I am stronger now I am better. If my children miss me because I didn't communicate properly that I was going to sing along at a nursing home with their foster mother's Church imagine how they would be if they never saw me again and got separated adopted by separate families or something! I have been selfish I have been blinded by my own problems from years and years before I had any children I'm aware of them I've been working on them. I push myself to go to work even after I've been fired to get another one please hear my prayer I asked that the children be home that I get recognized for the good I have done I want my children back my 9 and 7 year old and a healed relationship with my older teens. I work so hard I'm shameful that I have to work and I can't focus on these things every minute but I do it for sanity. I was put here to be a mother and I am very angry at myself for the choices I made to have them be wounded and then taken this is my Christmas wish say expedite I pray to you with every cell in my body with everything I ever will be and everything I've ever was please grant me this!

Amy t

My every breath...

St. Expedite, I have many a health issues and the need to be healthier is difficult on my own, I feel as if I am between a rock and a hard place, ills are beating me. My entire body including my mind need to be better than ever, I and my loved ones are greatly concerned. I need a miracle to be within my mind body, soul as well as my exterior to be healthier and more beautiful than ever . I have so many pains and physical adjustments done by the military doctors as well as abuse. It hurt to walk, lay down, sit, .... They tried to destroy me but I am here, just so broken. It hurts. For your blessing kindness I will give to you an offering of 5 slices of pound cake, a red apple, and 5 quarters. Thank you for you love.


Conclude karma

I wish to get rif of all universal karma for patricia from Steven ned and solo


Loan jobs

Please st expedite help us please get loan sba loan help us gw6 jobs for aall rpw help us get expedite thank you

Rw all

Please assist my request for financial help! I need to overcome my debt and have the finances to pay for my funeral costs. Thank you/


Saint Expedite, I pray for a Godly spouse and a marriage that glorifies Gods love for His children.


Thank you st expedite help me heal me bring me succes in courts help me financially help me get job .have confidence strength..thank you in advance



St. Expedite thru my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ help open the way for my new career.


Urgent Financial Help

Dear saint expedite, i need urgent financial help of Rs. 4,80,000 in indian rupee in my UCO Bank Account ugently today. Please help me and fulfill my wish today. I promise to spread your name on internet and offer you a normal cake once you grant my wish. Glory to you saint Expedite


Help with security clearance please

Dear Saint Expedite, please help me now to obtain a security clearance in the fastest manner possible, with all positive feedback and reviews, and all good impact, from friends and coworkers who continue to have excellent relationships with me. You have always responded to me so quickly in the past Saint Expedite, you are blessed among saints, and I appreciate all that I have been given by you. I love you Saint Expedite and I appreciate your help!


Approval of loan application

Dearest St. Expedite, I'm humbly asking your assistance in approving my loan application on Monday December 09, 2019 at UWI Credit Union so that I can settle my debt at Community Care Credit Union and Island Finance. I need this to be approved so my finances can be more manageable every month. I am open to receiving this blessing and for you to enter into my life permanently. Thank you St. Expedite thank you!


Need assistance from Saint Expedite. In need of at least $20,000.00 to move my family out from foreclosed home to start over. Please St. Expedite Interceded for us.





Immediate financial blessing and revival of buisneess

I pray to St. Expedite in true faith and believe that as per His Holy and Helping nature, He would obtain for me huge financial help in order to make me free from debts and reviving my business. I know and strongly believe that my prayers to Him will not go in vain and very quickly He will obtain such graces for me and my family from Lord Jesus Christ through our Most Beloved Mother Mary. I do promise to offer whatever He would wish me to offer (within my heart) as a thanksgiving. Moreover, I will keep on honoring and blessing His Holy Name forever. Amen


Financial Urgency

Home currently in foreclosure . Home will be sold soon at auction. I’m asking Saint Expedite to make a way financially to help my family.






St.Expedite, Please help Cheryl,find the friendship she is seeking she is very lonely.


Dear Saint Expedite, I ask you please to bless me as I take my medical tests on Tuesday. I ask that all the results be normal. I thank you my most blessed Saint. I love you.


Saint Expedite, please let me get in work quickly so I can pay my bills and become financial stable again. Please send work from old and new clients alike. Thank you!


Money to pay rent and raise on job

Dear Saint Expecite i am in ugent emergency money to pay my rent ans all money i owe please dont let them evict me, alsonplrase help mw to get raise at work i promised you to develop your name all over in your favor you are doimg for me...please help me to get my financial situation in good conditions, thank you for the hufe favor i am aaking i promised to help others....i need this money in 3 days thank you Saint Expedite...thank you....i ask you for this glfor hufe ginancial assistance money on my way...thank you i know you will assist me.....


St Expedite please help me get with my job interview next week. I promise to continue with the res cardenal flower and a pound of cake. Thank tou for tour help my st expedite!


Job thank you

St expedite thank you for help getting tbwfsi11101997 job..thank you help her be great love job


wanting peace regarding ex

please quickly help me to overcome the anger I have a grief in my heart I have for this person. Please quickly help me to not think about him anymore. He was rude, ungrateful and awful to me. I hope to never see him again and for him to never see me again. I want to put it far behind me as quickly as possible and please bring me new kind stable men. Thanks St. Expedite.


Please repair the communication break with C

St Expedite, Please return C to me right away and open the lines of love and communication between us so we can resolve all misunderstandings and know clarity, friendship and peace again. This is so important to me and I need the truth to heal the past and all unnecessary hurt. I will thank you and put red roses out for you at home. Bless you miracle worker!



St expecite please help us now we need customers to call aall please now we need our loan please st expedite ..i cime to you st expedite for your help now ..thank yoy

Aall rpw

Healthy gums

I need my gums very healthy in order to get expensive implants. I need Succcession in this procedure. I need financial and moral support.


st Expidite please make jimmy text quickly so i dont worry thank you






Send love and companionship into my life. Please bless me to marry WH. Let our friendship deepen and grow. I've been single over 10yrs I am ready to love again and to accept love into my life again.



St expedite i petition you to help me get my inheritance abfsw from pf lf..please st expedite help me now abfsw


Thank you so much St. Expedite for being there in many cases of need with my family and especially married children. You have answered prayers of financial need, employment, abstinence of drugs, marital problems. I ask that you please grant this emergency prayer for 2d son and wife to save their marriage. They are on the brink of dissolution and I humbly ask for your intercession to come their aid. They have 2 youngsters, 8 and almost 5, and they are devastated by their marital rift. Please also if you could heal their hearts and quelch this worldwide epidemic. Thank you.


Urgent!!! Financial Emergency Need 5000 dollars NOW

St. Expedite, need 5000 dollars cash right now to replace what i spent for food, rent overnight tonight either in my bank account, cash on my nightstand. I can't go back to abusive mom and stepdad. Supernatural Angelic Finances cash flow get unemployment benefits claim approved funds disbursed into my checking account Wednesday 5/6 quickly. Supernatural Angelic Food Delivery, I have no food to eat. Supernatural Angelic Cash to pay for hair to get done, medicine, rent for hotel and food for the next 15 days. Help! Hurry NOW!


Please pray that I get paid for my worker's compensation benefits so I could have income. and help me find a good doctor that deals with spine problems

Susan A.

Grant me this job

Dear Saint Expedite. I need a miracle. An urrgent one. I call upon you to intercede for me urgently. Please re-new my job contract, let my request for reloaction of duties be accepted. That I may receive this news soonest possible. please help me now to obtain the job security that I lost recently, Help me to get this in the fastest manner possible. Help me to prevail despite the many hurdles and people against me. Help me that all who talk of me, my supervisor, my coworkers give all positive feedback and reviews and bring me all good impact. Bestore your blessings upon me and I promise to invoke your name to all who wonder at the miracle you have done for me. I promise to donate and help 5 others as you lead me in your name in thanksgiving. Thank you.


Urgent Financial Need

Dear Saint Expedite, your help is greatly needed. I need a minimum of $10,000 to be able to pay my upcoming bills and pay off debt that is keeping me from paying off bills. I know you can do this, I have seen your power. I will forever invoke your name. Thank you.



St Expedite... it has been a couple days and Jimmy has not texted back... please hoodie hoodie make him answer me quickly today so i dont worry. i will bring you another treat thank you ahead of time... just getting a tad nervous


Financial help :

I am a student am taking care of myself due to that l need help l am a new member to Saint Expedite group l want to work with Saint Expedite to able to suceed in life so please help my


Please help my BFF

St. Expedite, please continue to cover, with your holy martyrdom and martyr's blood, the friendship with which God blessed my BFF and me. Please do the same for the mental and physical strain my BFF has to endure. Please get through to man who took from my BFF the house and job he was promised, for which he signed a legally binding contract. That he confess and apologize to A face to face. That man who wrongfully accused A-my BFF-will admit his error and apologize. Police reports eliminated! Thank you!


Dear St. Expedite, please provide the $20,000 required to pay the property tax on my business property now to help clear some of my debts. When you grant my request, I will give you 5 quarters, 5 pieces of pound cake and I will announce to the world that St. Expedite has helped me.



Help me please St expedite with my relationship to make it good again, to quickly emerge from legal and financial difficulties and please ensure I can pay KL today. I will praise you and give a gift as soon as I am able. Please forgive me for lateness in the past.


Give me assistance I need to pass my final driving test on the23/3/2020.

Dear glorious St Expedite, please kindly intercede for me before the Holy Trinity and help me to pass my driving test. May 23/3/2020 be the last time I do this test and pass . Passing this test will really bring relief, happiness and freedom in my life in very many ways. I have faith that you will do any and everything to make sure that I get this wish fulfilled. I promise you that I will offer you a glass of liquor and a cake and also show my gratitude to you on FB so others can see and get to know you immediately when I get told that I have pass the test by the driving instructor, Amen.


Protect my Family

My Dearest Saint Expedite, please protect my family. Strengthen my marriage and protect my children. Please protect my wife and my children from the bad influences of others. Make my children successful in all that they, work, and relationships. I will forever praise your name and give you tribute. ILY-SG


Good Health and Safety

Dear St. Expedite Please bless my brother Roy in Bahrain and keep him safe from all danger. Please keep him safe and protected from coronovirus and please grant him good health. Bless him o dear Saint And keep him safe.



Dear Saint Expedite, I ask you please to heal me of my female physical issues. You have blessed me with many miracles all my life and I thank you so much. You are my treasured Saint . I Love You.


Wanted the father of my chilfd to come back home

Blessing saint Expedite please answer to my plea .Reunite this family who has endure a long separation.Amen


End my separation with my husband

St Expedite, please end my husband and my separation, may we start living together by this month of May 2020. May my husband move out of Kashmir by this month towards his peace station. Please help me St Expedite, expedite everything in our favour. Amen


Please protect my house.

St. Expedite please protect my house and see it removed from the foreclosure list. Please send me the funds I need to pay remaining balance on the mortgage. Thank you


I need help with my back rent

Dear saint expedite I need you to help me come with the sum 6,000 by the new year to pay my back rent , I really need you help saint... thank you saint


Loan customers

St expefite i call upon you to thank tou still need much help.with loans and customers to call aall rpw thank you

Rpw aall


My Dearest Expedite--wishing you a very happy Feast Day! Thank you for all the blessings you send my way. Please continue to surround your Soldier protection around me, Jaime and Jimmy! Have a blessed and happy day!


help me saint expedite

Help me simon win the lottery jackpot so I could build a community center in your name


Need a JOB immediately

Saint Expedite Please help me to get my desired job. I need job immediately in a week's time to save my immigration status. I have given a few interviews and waiting for their response. Please expedite my wish and get me an offer letter of a good position.. I need it urgently. it is very important for my family my kid. Thank you very much saint expedite.


Help with finances

St Expedite, please help us with our outstanding bills, help my husband find a job, and please bring the amount I have requested. We know you can help us as you have before. I will give all that has been promised in my prayers to you when you grant my request. Thank you, powerful St Expedite!


THANK YOU St Expedite for granting part of my request and that is to have all my monies owing to me to be returned.. out of 4 requests , i have been granted 2 with the biggest ones still outstanding . You have been incredible and thank you again . I will give you your gifts today ..Please Help me with the balance of my requests.


Dear Saint Expedite, I feel transformation coming. Please intercede for me by bringing it swiftly. Please bring positive news. In Jesus Name. Amen.


Financial Blessing(Lottery Jackpot)

I call Forth the Power and Presence of Saint Expedite in my time of Financial need, bring me a Lottery Jackpot Win, Please grant my wish i need Lottery Jackpot now fast and quick, Please make haste no time to waste No Delays I Decree I need Jackpot Now so mote it be!!!


Prayer Petition for Asha

Dear Saint Expedite, Please be a strong, quick intercessor for Asha M.R. She wishes to be a caregiver in Japan. In Jesus Name. Amen. Amen. Amen.


Saint Expedite, please let money come in today so I can find a decent place to stay. Thank you in advance!



St Expedite, I need your help in acquiring funds to pay my bills. I ask for another 1200. I will make an offering in your name.

Ann Marie

A healthy pregnancy and baby

Please help me to conceive a healthy, happy and beautiful baby, St Expedite. I lost my last baby and I'm filled with sadness and sorrow. Please help me.


Admission for niyati

Beloved saint expedite, please get admission for Niyati in NIFT DELHI


Healing for panic depression anxiety disorder

I need a quick healing for panic fear anxiety depression disorder. I feel terrible. Please help at expedite Annette. I will thank thee with a mass


Pray for janis joplin

Please pray for janis joplin


Financial Blessings

Praying for Michele, Diane and everyone else in dire need of a financial miracle. Michele and her family have been through sooooo much this year, please intercede on their behalf. Thank You!!!


Help returning lost debit card

Saint Expedite, please help me locate my lost debit card. I am almost certain it is somewhere within my home, and the sooner I find it, the sooner my heart will be at peace. I promise you poundcake and a candle if you can find this item for me and have it returned safely. Thank you, St Expedite!


Need job

St expedite i call upon you to help tbwf11101997 get job in need her stop smoking her st expedite..thank you



Prayer the earth and the environment


love help and thank you

thank you for allowing me to get a great date yesterday and one today. i just want her to open up more and not be so passive about everything. please help me out in this regard


Jimmy and Jaime

St Expedite, thank you for Jaime that she is now in her new home and safely by herself without M. I hope she meets a nice Catholic spouse that will love and treat her with respect. Please also find a nice catholic spouse for Jimmy too. health happiness prosperity and good fortune to both my children. Please make jimmy text me today.... thank you for all you do hope you liked your treats this week thank you



Please st expedite Can you sort out the right type of housing for me and my family from the counciil and please pray so hard for my son to get his own house from the council as this is Causing a lot of aurguments & pain and stress between this family I relly relly need this petion to be ancwerd Saint expedite thank you Love & wishes sylvia


Dear Saint Expedite, that Peggy and I both respond well to treatments and make a full recovery and that Grace, Sean, Geraldine and I will have Happy Birthdays and a great year ahead, thank you!



Saint Expedite I thank you for your help and the we meet again I am even greatful I am and need of your fast help with financial matters of getting $2,000 dollars to move out of my mom's place into my own by February or March if sooner that will be fantastic please help me with this and a hurry I promise when I am in my place my first candle I but in my home will be dedicated to you and I will give you pound cake, red wine, 5 pennies and a public thank you please Saint Expedite may you consider working with me ❤️

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