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Petitions to Saint Expedite

On this page, you may leave your petitions to Saint Expedite.  If you would like to learn how to call upon him, please go to “How to Call Upon Saint Expedite.” Or, if you would like a ritual done for you, please go to “Services.” Please note that there are only 4 or 5 openings per week, sometimes every two weeks for the services.

Before you post your petition, please note that when you supply your email address, no one on this page will see it. Your email address will be safely stored on the server and automatically subscribed to the Saint Expedite mailing list. If you choose not to subscribe, you will have an option to opt out. Opting out will not impact your petition post. Your petition will be here regardless of your subscription status.

Please note that due to SPAM concerns and other comments that may cause offense, ALL petitions will be moderated before posting on this site. When approved, they will be posted below. 


Please type in your petition to Saint Expedite

Wanted the father of my chilfd to come back home

Blessing saint Expedite please answer to my plea .Reunite this family who has endure a long separation.Amen


Enterview and new job

My dear Saint Expedite, Thank you for your answer my petitions every time . Saint Expedite one more time I need your help for my husband Chico tomorrow interview and to get this job. To pay tribute I will Light a Candle for you and keep your image posted in our social media until he gets the results and pay for children's hospital with is fist salary after he gets the job. Thank you my Saint Expedite.


Oh please st expedite please pray for peace joy happiness good health and good luck in my life.for a loving husband and happy marriage no more arguments.for my family and my husband all be speaking again they will get on far better now than they did before and stop my husband being rude disrespectful horrible to myself and my family let him see my family are good and my family to see my husband is good to.Everything to work out extremely well for us.please pray that our two houses will be sold this month we will not have to pay ESB bills again.for planning to go though and my husband to get loads of work I will never have to want or work for anybody anymore and he will get good nice fellas to work for him and I will never see him much he will be really busy .for myself not to struggle doing anything and my kids never to struggle at school and get pod jobs in life and never bring me trouble.or my sisters belly fat to disappear and her sore back to disappear and my brother’s arthritis to disappear.Thank you


Financial blessings

I wish to grant my petition to be debt free to pay all my debt this end of the month St EXPEDITUS help me and grant my petition.Glory to you SAINT EXPEDITUS AMEN..



I am in desperate need of a financial blessing. I need 2500.00 to help me get out of the debt I am in. Please help


Help starting new job

I ask that St. Expedite assist me in starting my new job quickly by having the company put me on the schedule as I have been waiting to begin. Thank you Saint Expedite.


Financial help

Dearest Saint expedite you’ve helped me out in the past and I did as promised let everyone know how you helped me. Now once again I’m coming to you urgently asking that you assist me with my bills it’s been extremely difficult for me becoming ill with Covid and ending a 25 year marriage. I endured a lot of heartache and change I guess is the lesson I have to learn. But I’m asking for large sums of money come to me quickly and easily in increasing quantities from multiple sources on a continuous basis in the best interest of all that I get to keep. I would like to be debt-free and have freedom the Bible says be anxious for nothing however I’m in urgent need thank you brave Roman soldier and man of God



please help me to pay my debts and get a job thank you for your help and protection on my life and daughter . we love you saint expedite


For a good job urgently

Dear St. Expedite Please pray and intercede for me to Jesus and Mary to bless me with a good permanent and nice job with a good manufacturing company that is conveniently located near the western railway station in Mumbai (but not Andheri). Thanks a million.


Loan £45,000 to be approved

Dear Saint Expedite, thank you so much for granting my request to have the bank send me the loan application form to get a loan of £45,000. I have sent in the loan application and my prayer request is that they approve the loan amount of £45,00 and it is in my bank account the next morning. Thank you for always coming through for me.



Saint Expedite I ask you to please help me to find a job as soon as possible. In return I promise to spread the word about you to others. I know you can do it Saint Expedite this is a urgent matter


Heal my pain

My dearest Saint Expedite, please heal my right foot (heel) and my stomach. Please relieve the pain in my right heel and nightly acid reflux. Please also help me to lose weight for my health. I will forever share your name and give you tribute/thanks.


Please Help

I request help from St. Expedite to help us clear our debts and become solvent again. With all my heart, I thank you St. Expedite. Love and Thanks!


Happy Marriage

Please pray for the physical, emotional, mental and financial well-being of Eva and Diane. For Cesar and Diane to stop fighting and have a happy marriage. That they will be able to have children. For Diane to get well from her ibs and nerves.Thank you.


Financial Increade

Dear St Expedite, I come before you to ask for financial increase in my personal and business life. I ask that my business profits increase immediately to $8,000 monthly, for immediate funds to pay my rent and business leases in full for 1 year, money to pay my title pawn in full. I ask that I be financially free of debts. I also ask for protection & long full lives for my children, grandchildren, & myself. Don't waste another day. Grant me what I ask for. I know your power, I know you because of your work. I know you can help me. Do this for me and I will spread your name with love and honor so that it will be invoked again and again. Expedite this wish with speed, love, honor, and goodness. Glory to you, Saint Expedite!

The Goddess


St Saint Expedite please help me fine work as soon as possible and pray that I will be blessed with food and rent money as soon as possible if it is Gods will and not mine. When I sent my CV off please pray that that accept it on my work history and not my education. Guide and direct me in sending my CV to the right people thanks that will truly help me


Bring my husband back home

St. Expedite I come to you asking you to find a way to bring my husband Steve back home to me I’ve worked with you before and I know your work and power I know you can do it do this for me and I will reward you with pond cake red roses coins and red roses and spread your name with hi our expedited this wish with speed love honor and goodness make it so this instant HODIE HODIE HODIE


family intentions, the safe delivery of my daughters baby and protection of my family and finances aresolved and exposednd malicious slander against family

please take my petitions and the prayers for all who ask me to the Sacred heart of Jesus through the hands of Our Lady amen

anne hargey

Debt Free

St.Expedite i am so much worried now because of my debts. My ATM was already pawn and i have no more salary to recieve because i have a big money borrowed to the person holding my ATM. Please my dear St.Expedite help me that i can pay off all my debts so that my ATM will be return to me as soon as possible. Please help me to look for a way so i can look for money to pay for my debts,please hear my prayer. Thank you






St Expedite... it has been a couple days and Jimmy has not texted back... please hoodie hoodie make him answer me quickly today so i dont worry. i will bring you another treat thank you ahead of time... just getting a tad nervous


Dear Saint Expedite, I ask you please to bless me as I take my medical tests on Tuesday. I ask that all the results be normal. I thank you my most blessed Saint. I love you.


Jimmy --did i do something wrong?

St Expedite... you usually answer very quickly but this time i am getting stressed cuz jim is not answering.. please help i beg of you, did i do something wrong?.. i will bring you a treat tonight. Please make him answer my test right away thank you


St. Expedite, please always protect our family and keep us safe and healthy. Please help my essential oils business that I'm able to make it grow, so I can provide to my family. Also, please help clear out our debt. I wish to focus on my family instead of the bills. Please help my friend to in her business, so she can get out of debts. Thank you!


Financial Assistance

Dear St Expedite, as requested if you can grant my urgent impossible need without causing any harm to me my loved ones and family or to any one, I promised to pay you an newspaper ad , and 10 percent of the requested amount. And please before August 30, 2020, Thank you and I believe that you are a true miracle worker



Please, St. Expedite., I need justice. I need to know that my last partner is suffering without me and regrets treating me poorly. Thanks so much.



Pray for me I. M handicapped


Conversion of sinners

St. Expedite please help me to my 2 brothers florencio boy and geraldo and all my pamangkin Bryan butch and Gerald Camille to stay away their bad vices to know Jesus Christ in their lives I need your help Right now in Jesus

Jesus Rivera


St Expedite please pray for me to be blessed with work as soon as possible. Thanks

Gail L


Please st expedite i come to you thank you for your help intervention..we need help not our of debt yet..aall rpw vjw we need financial help customers jobs for aall rpw vjw help us now st expedite please help us..

Rpw aall

St. Expedite please please please I beg of you to help us remove our names from the business in Waipahu. May everybody (landlord, business partner, court) drop our names and not involved us in any legal matters. We just signed the papers to help. May the business in Waipahu continue to thrive and earn money needed to pay off the dues and not to go through this again.


Help With Lost Package

Dear St. Expedite, I have a lost package which the Post Office said was delivered but I have not received it. Please help with recovering it. Thank you, dear Saint.

Grandma Joanie

Dear saint Expeditus please help me,my daughter and my sister. We are in desperate need.O kind and benevolent saint help us to get our desired job in desired place now. Please cure my daughter. Help us get rid of torture of our inlaws and our husband.I will donate 100 dollar to charity for children If I get my desired job here now and can do it all through my life. And please cure my daughter.


My every breath...

St. Expedite, I have many a health issues and the need to be healthier is difficult on my own, I feel as if I am between a rock and a hard place, ills are beating me. My entire body including my mind need to be better than ever, I and my loved ones are greatly concerned. I need a miracle to be within my mind body, soul as well as my exterior to be healthier and more beautiful than ever . I have so many pains and physical adjustments done by the military doctors as well as abuse. It hurt to walk, lay down, sit, .... They tried to destroy me but I am here, just so broken. It hurts. For your blessing kindness I will give to you an offering of 5 slices of pound cake, a red apple, and 5 quarters. Thank you for you love.


Please Help...

St. Expedite, I humbly ask for help with our financial issues, and I ask that you send us the strength and power to make our debts vanish and our abundance to heal these financial gaps. In the name of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit, Amen!




Quick cash

Please, St. Expedite, send me high-paying jobs and cash gifts so I can easily afford my upcoming trip and taxes and living expenses. Please! You always deliver. Please deliver this time!!! Thanks so much


various bad coworker is leaving but will still be there this week... Thebother who is Makin things miserable was fired tonight..the meeting was not soo bad Praying for my listening skills i feel i do well but they i say hear but do different stuff at times..praying that will change and prayers that my bosses and colleagues wont hold it against me and that ill keep my job and continue on Praying i keep improving to be promoted Praying my one boss doesn't leave..shes good and that thinks improving for her and that kids behave better Praying for the return if a good friend and my life..has has a hard time Praying for her sister and mom Another pal i haven't seen in a long time..patience for my coworkers and me New coworker and new shift leader..praying shes nothing like any if my bad coworkers Praying my managers both stay Praying for my driving..praying i remain in same work location For those with cancer Told a friend whonprays with and foe me about st ecpedite


Quickly Return of Money

St.Expedite please help me that my money sent ro GILMA and Neswin will be return to me quickly.please its a big help for me to pay my debts too. Please St,Expedite i need your financial miracle now. Specially my mother is here in hospital .please heal also my mother St.Expedite..Glory ti you my dear St.Expedite.Amen


dear blessed st expedite i come to you once more to help me get the rest of my money

Blessed st expedite make haste to help me get.the rest of my Money plese let the People who Owe me pay me as soon as possible and i will be ever so grate full for Your help as i mention before as soon as i get it i will be sending a good donation to you .and thank you again for all the help and blessing me and my Family has receive from you .to god be the glory love and respect all ways i am waiting on Your answer i know it will be successful love from fran from noway


Need jobs

Dear st expedite you have answered my prayers..i petition you to help us rpw aall vjw sw help us ger jobs aall jesus nane it will be done..Amen

Aall rpw

package delivery

dear st expedite... this is just a simple request. please make the package delivered to jim today it has masks and gloves for protect from virus and now no delivery date on Priority tracking... please make the package get delivered today... thank you i will bring a reward tonight.





i just want to thank you once more for your intecratcion

Thank you very mucvh my blessed st expedite for Your my son recovery what an amazing st you are once more thank you i love you all ways and yiou will receive Your donation soon so thank you once more for Your intervention i could not doe it without Your love all ways greatfull love from noway fran


Petition to Fix Healing Gone Wrong

Dear St. Expedite, Please intercede for me by fixing healing gone wrong, Reiki and M.Energetics., which keeps manifesting. I may have opened portals which opened doors to evil and serves evil people. Please open and shut portals according The Lord's will. In Jesus Name. Amen. Amen. Amen.



I have always wanted to create stories, painting, sculpture, designs, jewelry, clothing, makeup, and wonderful things, thoughts, ideas. I have done some of these and there are those which think it was great. I want to ask you St Expedite to enhance all my abilities to create, design, enhance my senses. I ask for the creative ability within me to become one with me and be amazing. I also ask for my other wonderful talents and abilities to be awake with me, alive. very real. I ask this of you with great faith and devotion. I will honor you with five quarters, five slices of pound cake, and five strawberries.


Need job path

Dear st expedite i come to you desperate in jesus name help heal protect tbw to get job get a path in life family rw sw vw..i jesus name it will be done..Amen

Toniann w

Need clients

Dear st expedite thank you for all your help ..need help aall paying clients help us ..


Oh st Expedite please help that I will never worry or have to want or work for anybody anymore and my husbands company will be very successful and all the houses will sell now immediately and they will all sell together and people will want to move in immediately and everything to work out extremely well for us and planning to go husband I will never see him he will always be very busy and extremely happy in marriage and get on very well with his in laws no more begrudgingly or anger he will see they are good people never to say mean things to me or anybody about them.make us very happy healthy every day and my marriage he will love me more and more every day.i will be able to buy a house and redecorate it very well and it will sell immediately.for my kids not to worry or struggle with weight problems or school.protect us and keep us safe and well always and everything will work out extremely well for us.Thank you


Payment Situation

Dear Saint Expedite, Please intercede for my safety in the hotel payment situation in the country I am in (and near) now. Please let me get a job offer to work abroad or an even better option. I will thank you by paying tribute to you in a big manner. In Jesus Name. Amen.


prayer for quick enlightenment

I humbly ask for your enlightenment and help as I am desperately trying to finish my apartment search. My finances and thus my housing options are very limited. Pls I humbly ask to help relieve my fear and quickly find peace in one of the options I will consider over the next week.



Please ST Expedite---make Jimmy text right away so i dont worry---he did not answer last night or this morning... i will bring you a reward as always. thank you. HODI HODI



Saint Expedite I thank you for your help and the we meet again I am even greatful I am and need of your fast help with financial matters of getting $2,000 dollars to move out of my mom's place into my own by February or March if sooner that will be fantastic please help me with this and a hurry I promise when I am in my place my first candle I but in my home will be dedicated to you and I will give you pound cake, red wine, 5 pennies and a public thank you please Saint Expedite may you consider working with me ❤️


Help Please

Dearest St Expedite, Please help me with my online business, help me find some paying customers , all my leads please make them as my buyers , and for the buyers to keep coming, please take all the obstacles away and make everything fine and smooth please. Help my business to grow and become very successful. Help me get my money back from my sister, make her pay me now please, Thank you.


Get job

Dear st expedite i come to you in jesus name to help toniann bw help her get a good job no anxiety no stress help her in jesus name it will be so..Amen

Toniann bw

For Quick Healing of my Mother

Glory St. Expedite please help my mother health that she will be heal quickly and we pray that all of her tests will turn negative.. We ask and pray that you will help hear us my dear St. Expedite. Amen


Need a job

Stexpedite i come to you i know you will answer my request in jesus name help toniann bw help her hey a job now she desperatly needs job self esteem loose weight..thank you st expedite..thank you Amen

Toniann b w

dear blessed st expedite i need your assistance in this urgeant matter that andrea and maria pay me the rest of my money

dear blessed st expedite please accept this little donation that i had owed to you.that is 49 us dollars and 64 cents.and thank you once again for granting me peace among my now i am back again pleace interseed in my behalf so andrea and maria will give me the rest of my money please blessed st expedite is allmost goinging on seven years i am waiting and preaying for it to come through.i thank you in advance to let me hear from them concerning my money thank you in advance and i will repay you as soon as i get allways from fran from noway


Save home

Dear st expedite i come to you in jesus help us keep 144 o wh ny. Sfw rpw. Help us have small monthly payment on 145 o wh ny so we can save it us intevine for us now st expedite in jesus name it will be so


Financial Miracle

Praying for a financial miracle for Michele P and Diane. These 2 friends are going through extremely difficult times, I've offered to gift them money but won't accept it. This is the season of giving and I truly want to help - St Expedite PLEASE send each of these beautiful women financial miracles for themselves and their families. Many, many thanks …. Cheryl


Help my Son

St. Expedite I come to you with a heavy heart and desperate need. Please intercede for my Son Everette so they will release him out of jail from all charges, he is innocent, my human mind don’t understand it, but God is in charge. Please intercede now for my family. Thanks you I will encourage devotion to you I promise blessed St. Expedite Hoodie 🌹🌹🌹


Oh St Expedite please pray for my husband and my family all to be happy and healthy and safe and speaking to each other again and they will get on far better now than they did before.i will never have to stress worry or work for anybody anymore.i will get to buy a house and do it up and it will sell immediately.for the houses all to sell together and contracts signed immediately.for planning to go though and road to be made in.for someone to ring about house add and want the house.for everything to work out extremely well for us.for true happiness every day.Thank you



My Dearest Expedite--wishing you a very happy Feast Day! Thank you for all the blessings you send my way. Please continue to surround your Soldier protection around me, Jaime and Jimmy! Have a blessed and happy day!


Thank You

Thank you St Expedite for working on my petition

John A

thank you

thank you st expedite for everything you have answered all my petition..thank you in jesus name ..

Susan fw

Swift aid with money and relationship

Saint Expedite you always come through and are truly great! Please help me resolve my financial issues quickly, bring in good paying and fast jobs and quick money and please prevail upon my ex-girlfriend to reestablish positive contact with me and unblock me.


I am asking for money to pay off s. M st loa to com in

Sabrina Neptune

Urgent Money for my debts 500k

Please St. Expedite i really need money for my debts now i need to pay a total of 500k please ,Hope you will help me that my money sent to Gilma/Neswin will be return to me now. Please my dear St. Expedite work for my prayers and wishes for i really need it noq. Hurry please St.Expedite Hodie! Hodie! Hodie


Saint Expedite I'm coming to you in great need provide me with 1,000 dollars so I can pay my upcoming financial obligations please be swift be kind and take care of my need I will tell the good news of you to others thank you

Michelle j

Oh good st Expedite please pray for my two houses to sell now immediately and people will want to move in immediately and the estate agents will be ringing my husband constantly and everything will work out extremely well for us and the planning to go though.for true happiness from here on in I love you and thank you for this favour.



St expedite i petition you to help me get my inheritance abfsw from pf lf..please st expedite help me now abfsw


My case closed n my girls home

Dairy Sweet saint expedite I come to you on my knees crying and sweating I ask that you please make the courts the DCF supervisors the unit supervisors understand that I can keep my children safe that I do know how to choose appropriate men that I said the things I said to the psychologist when I had the testing, because I was very scared and low self-esteem but I am stronger now I am better. If my children miss me because I didn't communicate properly that I was going to sing along at a nursing home with their foster mother's Church imagine how they would be if they never saw me again and got separated adopted by separate families or something! I have been selfish I have been blinded by my own problems from years and years before I had any children I'm aware of them I've been working on them. I push myself to go to work even after I've been fired to get another one please hear my prayer I asked that the children be home that I get recognized for the good I have done I want my children back my 9 and 7 year old and a healed relationship with my older teens. I work so hard I'm shameful that I have to work and I can't focus on these things every minute but I do it for sanity. I was put here to be a mother and I am very angry at myself for the choices I made to have them be wounded and then taken this is my Christmas wish say expedite I pray to you with every cell in my body with everything I ever will be and everything I've ever was please grant me this!

Amy t

Please make my husband call/text/email

St. Expedite, please get through to my stubborn husband. Please remove the mental stress, overthinking and mental poison which is family and friends have spread about me and the mental effects of trauma and damage from his childhood which cause him to falsely and unjustly accuse me of. He doesn't talk to me, please Saint expedite please help me resolve this problem and make him call/text or email with love within 24 hours and I will reply as swiftly with all the offerings. Please help saint expedite please!


thank you

in jesus name thank you st expedite sw rw tw vw thank you.


Money to get out of debt

St. Expedite - please bring me an extra $1,000 in income by November 5 so I can get out of debt from cash advances. I know you can help me. I promise to pay you with red roses and pound cake if you do this for me. Thank you for everything that you've already done for me. Amen.



Please pray that selena rests in peace


Healing please

I would like a healing for panic disorder and depression and heart problems and high blood pressure. My daughter has scoliosis of the spine and is in daily pain please heal us.


Please help me financially

Please St Expedite, I pray for financial help, we have many bills and debts and my husband is unable to work and his pay will drop dramatically in November. Please help us find a way to get by and pay our bills and have money come in. Im begging for financial help. I also want to Thank you St Expedite for Answering my prayers previously. Please answer my prayers


Saint Expedite, please let those people who owe me money return it to me quickly, thank you!


Oh good St Expedite please pray for my husband and all my family to be speaking again stop my husband making and causing trouble and having a bad attitude he will be on my family’s side and see they are good.for true happiness in family life.for all the houses to be sold together and contracts send immediately.i will get my own money from somewhere to buy a house and it will sell immediately.i will never have to worry or want or work for anybody anymore .my husband to love me more and more every day and appreciate all that I do and appreciate his in laws.for planning to go though.for everything to work out extremely well for us and my marriage to be happy healthy no arguments any more.for my sister to get very thin and sore back to disappear.for myself I can buy whatever I like and look really well from here on in .Thank you





Win my SAIF CASE!!!

My glorious EXPEDITIOUS I ASK that you remove the doctors words against me in this case . I need DR MONICA TO ADMITT SHE MADE A MISTAKE AND LOOKING AT EVERYTHING SHES ADDMITTING THAT I DID HIRT MY SELF AT WORK AND THAT THIS IS IN FACT A WORK RELATED INJURY!!! If not her help me to find the best second opinion please ST. EXPEDITE!!!! Go forth this instant HOODIE HOODIE HOODIE!!! Clear the way and make all this good possible and I will devote my self to you.


St. Expedite really helps

I am thankful to St. Expedite who has helped me in many situations, he has granted my prayers many times that is why I believe and I strongly encourage others to also believe that prayers will be granted. Please St. Expedite I need your help in many difficulties I have right now, St. Expedite please let my car dealership drop the charges of more than $625 that they wrongfully charged me and did not install, St. Expedite please help me to find a suitable employment for my self as soon as possible right away please I am desperate for a new employment right away. St. Expedite please expedite a man in my life help me to find real love and happiness with someone. I need your help with all of these requests right away St. Expedite I am miserable right now and so beyond depressed I have lost my mind I need your speedy recovery and my all my needs and requests to be granted right now Please St. Expedite I believe and trust in you I put my faith in you! Thank you St. Expedite! I submit this petition to show others to believe and have faith in you because you have the power to grant speedy requests.


Saint Expedite, please help me get in a financial windfall, steady new work, and help me deal with creditors and resolve my issues to my liking. Please help as you've always come through. Thank you!


Plea for economic security

Blessed Saint, provide me support and nurturance in my quest to find stable employment and steer me away from entanglement from evil and selfish beings. Allow my selfish ego to not submit to their abominations and provide me solace to remain pious and pure in the Light of God. Amen.


Good Employment as soon as possible

My Dearest Saint Expedite, Please pray and intercede for me to Jesus to bless me with a good permanent job in a good manufacturing company that is conveniently located near the western railway station in Mumbai having a 5 day working week, and a good working environment and a good salary. Also please intercede for me and my family for good health and peace. Please expedite and grant my petition. I shall make your name known when my petition is granted. Thank you, Love, Premila.


Please Hear My Prayer Saint Expedite


Every Breath...

Dearest ST. Expedite, My healthis in question, I have a bone disease, when the military and VA doctors there was more damage done. My weight is difficult to change because of the damages done. My spine is misaligned because the "DOCTOR" added and 1" to my left leg when they placed the rod in. My entire left sidehas surgical steel from the ankle to my hip. I have problems with my right side as well and now my right side is having problems. I also have spinal problems and my weight is not helping. My disabilities started at 25 years old, I am 52 years old now. 27 operation,13 sucide attempts, flatlined 14 times, 11 pregancey's-6 births, Only 2 children with me.My eyesight and other things are effected. I would like to be heathier,great wisdom, amazing memory, recall of everything, physical abilities, emotionally, and my senses to be better than ever. I am attending college in September and my health is great wealth for is good but knowledge and great health is timeless. I will thank you with my devotion,respect, a glass of red wine,7 red roses, 5 quarters, and 5 pieces of pound cake. SO MOTE IT BE. P.S. BLESSED BE


Help Me with my future

St. Expedite please help my with my money . Please help me pay all of my bills off. i will be forever grateful to you.



St.Expedite I come to you with this very urgent and need for speed petition that I know you can make happen for me quickly I humble myself as I write this petition to you I’m asking that you bless my soul and heart with $ 5,000 for a house to fixs the car I have for household items to handle business with I’m asking that you speed it up so I can have it by February 12,2020 you ole faithful saint I know you can make this happen quick in return of your favor my offer that I will give you is a slice of pound cake red wine I will give you thanks in public so everyone will know that you real and you do help I will give you 5 coins for you listening and granting me the request that was made know to you I thank you in advance for making sure my request was granted in or before February 20 , 2020 Thank you St.Expedite in advance


SAINT EXPEDITE, I desire to have financial freedom and financial intelligence now. I desire to pay off all my credit card and loans now. I desire raise my credit score to 750 now. Thank you!


Much needed job

St expexite i come to you because i know my petition will be hear ..tbw needs a job now as a actuary please st expedite i know you will come thru ..Thank you


Please Hear My Prayer Saint Expedite



Thank you for making me know you Saints Expedite. I pray thee to help pay off my bills the that best suit with you. I will return thank to you. Let me have good reliable Buyers of products I market. And have successfully close deal. Thank you


Fast recovery of my mother

Great St.Expedite i am appealing you this morning to please help me pray for my mother's health that she will be ok and please help me pray also that all of the test she is going to undergo will turn negative. ISt. Expedite now what ask of you, St. Expedite now what i want of you this very second. Dont waste another day, grant what i ask of you. I know your power, i know you because of your work, i know you cam help me St. Expidite ,please do this for me and i promise to spread your name with love and honor. St. Expedite this wish with spewd love honor amd goodness, Glory to you St. Expedite. Amen


Protect me from abusive relationship

Please protect me from abusive family members, they are draining my energy, pull me down and disturb my peace. I have moved away from them but they still harass me. Please help. Push them away for forever. Sincerely A


petiton that my money will be return to me quickly

St.Expedite please help now that my money sent to Gilma / Neswin will be return to me now, i really need that money urgently please work this my dear St.Expedite. thank you


Urgent Financial Help

Dear saint expedite, i need urgent financial help of Rs. 4,80,000 in indian rupee in my UCO Bank Account ugently today. Please help me and fulfill my wish today. I promise to spread your name on internet and offer you a normal cake once you grant my wish. Glory to you saint Expedite


extra money higher ra of pay


My Birthday

sr expedite thank you for making the packages arrive yesterday... i appreciate and hope you liked your treat... just jimmy forgot my birthday yesterday and i am still a tad sad, it was the first time and my feelings are hurt. if possible could you have him text today so i dont worry... thank you... i know i am asking a lot this week, but would make me feel better