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Petitions to Saint Expedite

On this page, you may leave your petitions to Saint Expedite.  If you would like to learn how to call upon him, please go to “How to Call Upon Saint Expedite.” Or, if you would like a ritual done for you, please go to “Services.” Please note that there are only 4 or 5 openings per week, sometimes every two weeks for the services.

Before you post your petition, please note that when you supply your email address, no one on this page will see it. Your email address will be safely stored on the server and automatically subscribed to the Saint Expedite mailing list. If you choose not to subscribe, you will have an option to opt out. Opting out will not impact your petition post. Your petition will be here regardless of your subscription status.

Please note that due to SPAM concerns and other comments that may cause offense, ALL petitions will be moderated before posting on this site. When approved, they will be posted below. 



Please type in your petition to Saint Expedite

My daughter will live for 100 years. Me and my sister would get a good job in europe and u.s.a. respectively. My husband can not torture me physically or mentally. My sister's baby will be good . My daughter and my sister's daughter would get a good job .


That my work team's supervisors and dean have mercy on us and permit us to continue the same work schedule. I humbly ask for your grace.


Peace joy happiness good health and good luck

Dear St Expedite please pray for myself to be able to do up dad’s extremely well and it will look fantastic and everyone will be pleased.For myself to buy a house and able to do it up well and it will sell immediately.Fir true happiness good luck and good health always.For my kids never to be moody disrespectful or make trouble for me in life.Fir my husband and my family to get on extremely well and stop my husband being horrible to appreciate and love me more and more every day and my family.I will be in control of everything and nobody will ever put me or my family down ever again.For everything to work out extremely well for us.I will look extremely well from now on and my kids and they will become active and enjoy life keep us safe and well.For my brothers results to be ok.Thank you



Dear Saint Expedite brave Roman Warriorglorious Martyr Iam at a major loss.first I was stricken with dialysis3 days a week,I'm diabetic suffering from high blood pressure neurapathy in my feet .Iam truly desperate.I need my stimulus and my social security to be April 1 my rent of 1800 dollars will be due or i will be evicted.please help me quickly Saint Expedite.I will donate 40.00 dollars once you assist me.I will continue telling everyone about you.

Patricia A

Financial help

Dearest Saint expedite you’ve helped me out in the past and I did as promised let everyone know how you helped me. Now once again I’m coming to you urgently asking that you assist me with my bills it’s been extremely difficult for me becoming ill with Covid and ending a 25 year marriage. I endured a lot of heartache and change I guess is the lesson I have to learn. But I’m asking for large sums of money come to me quickly and easily in increasing quantities from multiple sources on a continuous basis in the best interest of all that I get to keep. I would like to be debt-free and have freedom the Bible says be anxious for nothing however I’m in urgent need thank you brave Roman soldier and man of God


Urgent Financial Need

Our dear martyr and protector, Saint Expedite, You who know what is necessary and what is urgently needed.I beg you to intercede before the Holy Trinity, that by your grace my request will be granted. I want to pay all my debts from Maam Sanico, Catherine, Analiza , Teresita , Maricel , Arvin , Alvin , Clarita and Maam Beloy , I have no money to pay them that is why I am asking for your great help, Please permit me to win the lottery tonight with my lotto number combinations of 06-19-26-28-32-40 this numbers might be the way so I can pay off all my debts and so I can help others too with my winnings.Help also that my money sent to Gilma and Neswin will be return to me now. St. Expedite please work for this now and I promise to spread your name with love and honor. Grant my prayer my dear St. Expedite and make a way that this wish be granted today and May I receive your blessings and favors.In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.



Please heal the pain in my back. Right side near rib cage, I will donate to the food bank as there is a great need. Please heal me so I can walk easily and comfortably and do all the things I used to do Thank you


lot for my friend

dear st. expeditus, please hear my me... that my friend's lot will be sold next week .. we are in financial problem...w e want to pay all our debts. tru their land, we will be able to pay our debts, I want to help them by praying with you that finally their land will be sold...please hear my prayer st expeditus....hodie hodie hodie...amen

janice marie




Get back money I lost

Dear wonderful Saint Expedite, my petition to you is that I get back all the money I lost. I lost almost 3,000 pounds. Please help me to get back that amount. I have tremendous faith in you and I trust you can do it. Thank you for your help.


Urget Need For Debts

St. Expedite , please i really need money today for my debts please please St.Expedite permit me to win the lottery tonight with my lotto number combinations of 6-19-26-28-32-40.. My dear money magician please showwer me with your abundant blessings and unlimited momey miracles everyday so i can pay off all my debts.. Please my dear saint help me i really need this now. Please work for this, dont waste another day, grant what i ask for, i know your power , i know you because of your work and you helped tje others too. I know you can help me. Please do this for me, and i promise that i will spread your name with love and honor.. Please St.Expedite this wsh with speed love and honor. Glory to you St.Expedite.


Jd t c m... u d w w d t t t s u


thank you!

Hi St Expedite..... Lia answered that jim is ok so now i can sleep.... thank you


St Expedite please pray for myself to have my own money to buy houses cars big stuff whatever I want.For both houses to sell now immediately before they are build contracts signed immediately and money paid immediately.No more hurt arguments trouble and each and everyone of my family will be able to visit my home .I will get my confidence and control back.For peace joy happiness everyday no more worries stress hurt or feeling unworthy.My kids to be active and do extremely well at school and not need support help anymore.For great friends family and neighbours.No more upsets arguments.Please make me a much happier person .Thank you


Help me

St Expedite, pray for me pls and help me with miracle money to update my homeloan and card this month and money to buy birthday gifts for my family members celebrating bdays soon. Please expedite sale of my love and pls send me to best buyer for a cash sale and a buyer who is generous, kind and will get it at my price in cash and complete the sale asap just as fast or even faster than the buyer of my Studio apartment. I pray to be miraculously debt free this march! Let this be your birthday gift. St expedite, i also pray for miraculous breakthrough with my boyfriend sam that he will call me on valentines day and my birthday and that he will initiate messaging sometimes and text more often and open up more and st expedite i pray that our relationship will level up and we will have a sweet and memorable valentines day and birthday with sam. And also st expedite i pray for miracle job offers for me and sam and a miracle pregnancy and miracle healthy normal baby for me and sam and lastly, st expedite we pray for a miraculous end of this covid 19 pandemic worldwide. Thank you so much st expedite. Its a handful but i know with God, all things are possible. Thank you st expedite. This we ask in Jesus name. Amen



I have always wanted to create stories, painting, sculpture, designs, jewelry, clothing, makeup, and wonderful things, thoughts, ideas. I have done some of these and there are those which think it was great. I want to ask you St Expedite to enhance all my abilities to create, design, enhance my senses. I ask for the creative ability within me to become one with me and be amazing. I also ask for my other wonderful talents and abilities to be awake with me, alive. very real. I ask this of you with great faith and devotion. I will honor you with five quarters, five slices of pound cake, and five strawberries.


Please help me find my stolen vehicle

Saint Expedite I call upon you again... please help me find my stolen car PLEASE. and help me find a Godly spouse as well... and help me become the best version of myself I can be. Thank you...



Please pray for 10 year old Marko . Hes mum commited suicide 2 months ago. He is devastated. His father wants to put him in foster home because he got him from affair with his late mother while he was married to another women with whom he has to daughters. Apperently boy was at his father house but didnt asimiliated with them all and now father wants give him away not knowning what another tragedy for boy it would be. Please pray for them that God melten their hearts. Its about God little innocent creature. God have mercy on him . Protect him and provide for him. Thank you all


Financial Help

Dear Saint Expedite, Please help me financially, i have a huge debt and with delay in salaries for over five months its difficult to make ends meet. Please help me and have a miracle for me I promise to reward you back . Please help me Saint Expedite.

Nigel V

heal my mama completely

I call on you once again my dearest St. Expeditus to please intercede for the complete recovery of my mama in the US. I can't always be by her side as I am on another country.. I know you never fail me .. I will forever be your warrior and will always spread you name... Heal her please Amen! Thank you my dearest saint



I wish to balance and heal out my divine feminine and divine masculine and I wish to heal and balance trevor


St. Expedite, thank you for helping me get a job quickly, despite these trying times! Please help me overcome my lack of motivation so that I may do my schoolwork on time. Please help me get money to pay for my community college, since I either need a scholarship or bust!! My mother would be very proud of me if I obtained money for school. Thank you for your guidance and your light. Thank you for helping me get a job, it pays well and it came very fast--so fast I wasn't prepared! But I am thankful nonetheless. Help me to overcome my lack of motivation so I can be a good worker, at my new job and at school, and help me find money so that I may pay for my final semesters at community college.


Dear Saint Expedite I pray to you to please help heal my eldest sister emotionally. Please remove from her all the negativities in life. Thank you Saint Expedite. Amen.


Financial urgent

Saint Expedite I trust in you to always intercede for me with our Loving Father Jesus Christ. I ask you and pray that my wishes be granted and glorify your intercession. Saint Expedite , i know you never fail me, please help me in my financial needs. Amen.





Please Help Me

St Expedite, I am in great need of your assistance. At this time, I really need funds to pay all of my bills in full. Please provide the money to do this in the quickest way possible. Please St Expedite open a way for my family to move into new in DC as soon as possible. Thank St Expedite for listening and fulfilling my prayer.


Please let me have the money to move and pay my bills before April. Then help me find another job that gives me financial security. Please let me find a place for us to move in the next week.


Oh St Expedite please pray for peace joy happiness stop my husband being moody sarcastic rude and sort out his bad attitude and stop him making and causing trouble for me and my family.Let him see my family are good people and stop him putting me down and my family.Stop all the hatred anger begrudgingly.I will not ever be called a nobody again I will get a won help me .Thank you


Saint expedite I asked you to grant this wish for me and k to be together in a loving relationship and have a loving bond please and thank you hoodie hoodie hoodie


dear st expedite, please help me get this rental property. It is the perfect place for me, and I have signed the lease but still need my dad to help me with co-signing. I just need that to go smoothly. Thank you for always solving my problems with roommates in the past.

rose blue

I Need A Money Blessing of $ 10,000

Dear , Saint Expedite I come before you asking for help with a quick money blessing of $10,000 for a house car means of funds and to help with my kids as a offering I will boost your name on Facebook about how loyal Of a saint you are I wanna thank you in advance for your help...


My merciful st.expidite..

Thankyou as all my prayers are answered by ABBA father jesus christ mothermary st.rita st.jude st.anthony st.expidite and st.rapahel st.michael st.gabriel st.uriel thankyou jesus for everything Thankyou lord for helping me since when inwas busy during lent and thankyou for all your boundless mercy favor and grace and following are my testimonies was possible for me to lend money to my uncle when i had to skipped from going to the ATM ...Thankyou lord for answering my prayer 2.and on the nxt day when i went to remove the money i had all bad six sense that something bad will happen ...but the good lord took care and I was saved ....thankyou lord jesus 3.was scared like i had not massaging my dad's leg as i forgot and was scared like he will shout at me coz since 3 days i was forgetting but jesus answered my prayers and made Him calm...that was the miracle thankyou lord 4.even today dad was shouting me coz dad gets tempered very fast but jesus answered my prayers 5.and today there was a pagan worshipping nxt to my neighborhood so we are often close to them and had got worried if they call me and my sister to eat their foods pf rvil gods but my jesus my living god answered my prayers...this prayer us answered by my ABBA father jesus christ mothermary st.rita st.jude st.anthony st.expidite and st.rapahel st.michael st.gabriel st.uriel and all my saints as they really helped me thankyou lord and help me in this same way 6.also jesus helped me family through sufficient water and healed me from my stomach aching yesterday night...thankyou lord...plz helpe in my sketches lord 8.thankyou lord for helping me with the posts...and help me finding a video of a church where a priest had Sermon and haf loved father's preaching alot ...thankyou lord for helping me in all my work and blessing me always... 7.jesus plz help me in i need you and i want to talk to you knw it all lord...plz help me thankyou lord for helping me from all bad attacks and thankyou for helping me in all my ways .....and helping me everyday in the night of darkness and fear and helping me when i prayed to wake a member of my family to help me and taking the care of gas nobs when my family is asleep.... nd also helping my mom from not falling down as you knw lord jesus plz forgive her and also jesus helps her after the every very next day and not letting my bad six sense come true and also helping me each day every hour,second,minute and also helping me today as i was scared and had some bad six sense that something bad will happen with my but jesus helped me and also didn't let my bad six sense come true and thankyou lord for all your wonderful blessings and my praises to you and thankyou mothermary and all my saints and plz jesus help me let no bad six sense ruin my lyf or let no no body of my family member fall and help me lord jesus i pray for the protection everyday on my family friends entire relatives and enemies and upon me and my sister jesus plz help me that let not my any bad sisx sense come true amd let it not affect my lyf plz jesus remove all my bad six sense and anxious negative thoughts ... also thankyou jesus for today when i got up in the morning and saw my mom very tried of getting up and working like always and was feeling very bad for her as you kwn lord the condition of my house rules and had prayed to keep her safe and many more things also plz remove all the bad negative thoughts and let it not come true help me jesus i beg you.... and i thank my jesus infinitely...thankyou lord. this precious prayer request and Thanksgiving i place in your worthy hands...Amen and also thankyou jesus for helping me in speaking with the parents of my students and as well with my students. praise jesus hallelujah....amen plz jesus help my dad to get cured from covid-19 symptoms and also help me in my situation and i will make my testimony known in jesus name....AMEN and jesus plz help my dad's report to come normal lord jesus Christ in jesus name....AMEN and sorry for all my sins lord in what i have done and in what i have ..failed to do in my thoughts in my wordsand in my deeds....and also lord jesus help me...


Ca his sp and let hi cal do


Thank you

Thank you St Expedite for granting 10% of my prayer request. I am looking forward for you to grant my request. Again, thank you St Expedite. Thank you for hearing my prayers. Today I pray to you to please help me financially and pay off all my debts. Thank you. Amen.



St. Expedite thru my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ help open the way for my new career.


Help m mee e w c


Financial help

Please dear saint Expedite, let me have all the money I need to pay the rent and the house expenses and bills, and all finanacial obligations of my family. Also, grant me new jobs. Thank you. Amen


cliients pay us

sear st expedite in jesus name we rpw aall we need clients to pay us customers to pay us in hesus name it will be so


Thank you

Thank you for your quick work. Ab


St Expedite please pray for my family to all come to visit and able to stay the night whenever they want.For myself and them not to feel uncomfortable agitated fearful anymore I will take control and everything will work out extremely well for me again no more pain hurt begrudgingly and putting me and others down I will be appreciated very much.I will never struggle stress anymore.For the new builds to sell immediately before they are build contracts signed immediately and money paid.For true happiness good luck and good health and peace.Thank you


Please help me pass my interview tomorrow to get a job

I am in urgent need of a job now. Please help me Saint Expedite and I shall announce of your blessings and offer cakes and flowers in your name Amen.


Urgent Help

Dear St Expedite, This is my first time to make a request and I sincerely hope you will come to my aid urgently, please St. Expedite grant my wish without harming me , my mom, my siblings , nephews and nieces and sibling spouses, I have promised to bring you the offering of red rose and red velvet cake and to make your name known, Thanks St. Expedite , I trust you will answer my prayer



St expedite please assist me with bringing me more love into my life but only from the type of man im looking for and I can be happy with once and for all thank you do much I will honor you and give u pound cake after as usual. Praise be to you st expedite. Amen


My Son

Dear St Expedite i ask that you help my son to have strength to cope with the problems he is facing. Help him to focus on his new job and new relationship. Also help him to overcome his addiction issues and learn to manage his money so that he is not stressed by poor management of it.Finally help him to find a way to heal his sick loyal dog who has seen him through some difficult times in the past 3 years. With gratitude for your past intercessions for my son and for his current situation. Amen



St. Expedite, please help me get disability . Help me get it before this year is over. Help me be able to buy a humble, but trouble free house, near my church. Help me so that i won't be homeless. As soon as my prayer is granted i will spread your name and give you a simple gift full of love from my heart. Thank you St. Expedite, thank you


Oh St Expedite please pray for each and everyone of my family all to be able to visit my home again no more put downs feeling uncomfortable agitated fearful anymore.I will never struggle stress worry anymore.For true peace happiness good health and good luck.I will have full control and my confidence back and my kids to do so well at school and be great kids and active.Fir great friends family and neighbours.Everything will work out extremely well for me.Thank you



Saint Expedite, I kindly request you to get me someone to buy my vehicle. Please bring me someone who will give me the best price so that I do not loose so much money which I invested in this vehicle and other expenses I incurred to make it operational. Please give me the signs of the person so that I can identify him or her. I pray this in Jesus name . AMEN.


Relief from debt.

Dear glorious St Expedite, remove all my debts and make me independent of all the rest besides thee. Miraculous St Expedite, remove from me all the debt that I have with resurs bank. Find a way you never fails and relieve me from all of them immediately. I trust you. Amen, Amen, Amen.


Dear Saint Expedite, thank you. I pray to you to please guide and protect my children in their road trips. Keep them safe together with their cousins. Amen.


Miracle Needed For Work Situation

Saint Expedite you have brought so many good things to pass, recently and in the past. My work situation has dissolved into a complete mess, and I need money to retain the attorneys. I also pray you will intercede to help me transfer to the other service which now has an opening- I know you were whispering in my ear when I felt the need to contact the person who is hiring. Glorious St. Expedite, I pray for the financial resources to hire the attorneys and fight all the wrongs that are being committed against me, as well as a transfer from my department. Both are necessary to get me out of this situation. I will freshen and update your altar, as well as make an update to this site right now. I await with optimism. God Bless You.



Dear Saint Expedite, I am anxiously waiting for the results of my medical procedures. I ask you please to keep me calm. I have faith that all the results will be good. Thank you my beloved Saint. I Love You.


St. Expedite, pray for us to God, please ask God to protect us from all harm, especially to stop this corona virus.Help us St. expedite, I beg of you, please help us, Amen.

St. Expedite, pray for us to God. Intercede for us, protect us from all harm, protect us from all sickness, from all evil, please St. Expedite, protect us from the corona Virus ,please St. Expedite, pray for us. Amen. Thank you St. Expedite.


money to pay f...Jd to c b ...stronger elevated vibrati and spiritua


Get unemployment

St expedite help us we are waiting for unemployment benefites help us now help us get benefits tbw vjw help us get benefits..thank you

Tw vw


launch successful business website and online store. success with bureau contracts... secure goal of 1000 - 2000 paying accounts


Protect me from abusive relationship

Please protect me from abusive family members, they are draining my energy, pull me down and disturb my peace. I have moved away from them but they still harass me. Please help. Push them away for forever. Sincerely A





Oh St Expedite please pray for peace joy happiness reconciliation each and everyone of my family can visit me no more feeling uncomfortable agitated fearful anymore.My husband to respect me and my family and love us more and more every day.I will never have to worry stress struggle doing anything anymore and everything Will work out extremely well for me.I will be able to buy whatever I want and be truly happy healthy and sisters to be extremely happy healthy safe and well my kids to be happy safe and well no more colds or sickness and my daughter to be very active no junk food and my so. To love football and no trouble starting school and they will make me and my family so proud of them they will be good kids and in laws to see I am a good person and my family and to respect us always.Send me great friends smart and my family to like.I will never struggle saying or doing anything anymore.For the new build to sell immediately contracts signed immediately and money paid immediately.Nomore hatred annoyance anger towards me and my family anymore.My kids to be asked to loads of things and be active all summer and enjoy life.keep us all safe and healthy and well and no cancer.For myself to control everything and be in full charge of everything and get my full confidence back and my family to be very proud of me and all my achievement .Never let anyone talk bad to me or about my family anymore.send the Holy Spirit upon me.Thank you


Oh St Expedite please pray for my in laws stop each and everyone of them and my husband being loud arrogant rude hateful people and insulting and disrespectful please stop them and they will never go on like that anymore they will have manners and respect to be nice.For my sister in law stop her thinking she can say whatever she wants to annoy people.For my husband to see what he is doing wrong and will be a happy better person to respect me and my family and see we are good people and show he likes us and stop him making and causing trouble.For everything to work out extremely well for me and my family.No more anger hatred annoyance towards me and my family.For great genuine happy friends and smart to know things.Thank you


Dear saint Expeditus please help me,my daughter and my sister. We are in desperate need.O kind and benevolent saint help us to get our desired job in desired place now. Please cure my daughter. Help us get rid of torture of our inlaws and our husband.I will donate 100 dollar to charity for children If I get my desired job here now and can do it all through my life. And please cure my daughter.



Saint Expedite I ask you to please help me to find a job as soon as possible. In return I promise to spread the word about you to others. I know you can do it Saint Expedite this is a urgent matter


Peace joy happiness reconciliation

Oh St Expedite please being my husband and all my family to be happy and speak to each other again stop all the anger hurt grudges.For everything to work out extremely well for us.for the new build to sell before its build and will sell immediately.For good friends and be invited to loads of things.For true happiness every day .My husband to listen to me and see I and my family are right stop him having a moody bad attitude and to appreciate me and my family.Thank you


Oh good st expedite please help and pray for our two houses to be sold now soon the estate agents will be ringing constantly now and their will be offers put in and we will except them and be very thankful to you.for the planning to go though and my husband career willl be very successful and he will get great men to work and help him in his career.i will never have to want or worry or work for anybody anymore.i will never struggle in doing anything and my kids to be successful kids in life and everything will work out extremely well for us.send my husband loads of work and I will never see him he will be so busy and do not let him be cross or moody anymore and he will love me more and more every day and his in laws.Thank you


Please remove my enemies & dark magic

I have a mean enemy named TMN. She causes me many misfortunes with her dark/black magic. Please saint Expedite make TMN leave me alone forever and permanently. my jobs get canceled and projects fall through. my health has been shaky. my finances have suffered since 2019 because of her. My partner AA has suffered many unlucky misfortunes as well. Please glorious Saint Expedite rescue AA and me Today from TMN. Please break all the black magic on me and AA’s relationship and heal our finances and health. Defeat TMN so she can never ever bother us ever again. Thank you Saint Expedite for your love and speedy movement.


Please Hear My Prayer Saint Expedite


Money for Debt payment and business expansion.

St Expedite, I call on you today to kindly bring me 50000cedis by the end of this month to pay my debt and expand my business. Horde and thank You. Amen.


Dearest Saint Expedite I ask for your help that my phone bill be reduced by 704 dollars please intercede move quickly on my behalf I am always greatful .

Michelle j

Successful and Prosperous Business

Holy Saint Expedite, I beg that you hear my plea for a successful and prosperous business. Please Holy one, give me the motivation to take all the steps needed to keep my business flowing. Please send me many customers and lots of sales. I beg that you grant me this. If you grant my plea I will give you a glass of red wine, a red rose, 5 pennies, and I will declare to the world that you helped me. Granting this wish will allow my children and I to live the happy and prosperous lives we deserve. I pray to you Saint Expedite, hear my plea. Thank you. Amen.


Saint Expedite I humbly ask you to heal the pain in my back and right leg so that I can walk easily and comfortably, pain free. Please heal me and I will donate to the local food bank


Return of Stolen Item

I humbly ask St. Expedite please have the men who stole my watches return them as quickly as they were taken. The watches have sentimental more then financial value and the feeling of being vulnerable has left me anxious and doubtful. I know you have come to my aid in the past and trust fully your aid will come to me at the perfect time and perfect way. Thank you I will honor you always and promise to make your miracle known to all I can.


Oh St Expedite please pray for my family all to visit my home they will be happy again and not feel uncomfortable agitated fearful or wanting to leave my sister can sleep over and my family will be very proud of me no more arguments trouble annoyance hatred anger begrudgingly anymore.For myself to be able to buy whatever I want a house and it will sell immediately contracts signed and money paid immediately.Make me so happy again and my family.Stop my husband making and causing trouble for me my family and others .For my kids to do well at school and get very active and slim.Send good friends family and neighbours.For the new builds to sell immediately now contracts signed immediately and money paid immediately.I can have control and my confidence back.Gor peace joy happiness good health and good luck always.No more bad attitudes or annoyance in my life or being put down and my family.please make me very very happy.Thank you



Dearest St. Expedite, Please help me. I am in a toxic relationship with a narcissistic man. Everyone loves who he is in public and I even love him when he is nice, which is when everything is going the way he wants it to. I have lost my voice, my confidence and my self esteem. Last Saturday he actually got mad at me, choked me while I was driving on the freeway and then told me it was my fault because I was unorganized and driving too fast. I know I am incapable of leaving him - I have had numerous opportunities. I need your help immediately, please. I know you can help me, you have helped me so many times before. I am hoping that you can take care of this so that my reputation remains in tact and my family is protected. Please help me immediately.


New Apartment Transfer

Please help me move very quickly into a new, peaceful and blessed home. Please help me and my small family of three move into a new home.



Dear St Expedite, Please help in getting my VISA Extension APPROVED immediately. I know you can do this. I know your work. I will offer Rum , Pound cake and flowers at the cross road. Please get it approved Immediately, thank you!

Prashant Katti

Dear Saint Expedite, thank you for granting my request. Thank you for hearing my prayers. My son just passed his board exams. Thank you.


Holy Saint Expedite, through Almighty God, protect my brother from indulging in gambling and wasting time, energy, money and peace in family, help my brother immediately ,Saint,Amen



Saint Expedite I thank you for your help and the we meet again I am even greatful I am and need of your fast help with financial matters of getting $2,000 dollars to move out of my mom's place into my own by February or March if sooner that will be fantastic please help me with this and a hurry I promise when I am in my place my first candle I but in my home will be dedicated to you and I will give you pound cake, red wine, 5 pennies and a public thank you please Saint Expedite may you consider working with me ❤️


Thank you st expedite help me heal me bring me succes in courts help me financially help me get job .have confidence strength..thank you in advance



Dear saint expedite, Please cure my daughter. Please help me and my sister get our desired job in our desired place. Please help me and my sister to get rid of torture and abuse of our inlaws and husbands. Please do a miracle and bestow goodluck on my daughter, me and my sister.



Dear Saint Expedite, Please help me today during my medical procedures. Help me to remain calm. I have faith that all will go well and the results will be good. Thank you, my most treasured Saint. I Love You.


Grant me this job

Dear Saint Expedite. I need a miracle. An urrgent one. I call upon you to intercede for me urgently. Please re-new my job contract, let my request for reloaction of duties be accepted. That I may receive this news soonest possible. please help me now to obtain the job security that I lost recently, Help me to get this in the fastest manner possible. Help me to prevail despite the many hurdles and people against me. Help me that all who talk of me, my supervisor, my coworkers give all positive feedback and reviews and bring me all good impact. Bestore your blessings upon me and I promise to invoke your name to all who wonder at the miracle you have done for me. I promise to donate and help 5 others as you lead me in your name in thanksgiving. Thank you.


Saint Expedite, Noble Roman youth, and martyr,You who quickly brings things to pass, You who never delays, I come to you in need please release the hold from my discover account let it be verified and approved by all Do this for me, Saint Expedite, and when it is accomplished,I will as rapidly reply with an offering to you. Of flowers and pound cake Be quick, Saint Expedite!Grant my wish and I will glorify your name. Amen.

Michelle J

Please St. Expedite help us to become financially stable. Please let my husbands new company be a huge success because of him. Please let me help him however he needs. In Jesus name I pray. Amen


Work and Friendship

Glorious St. Expedite, You answered yet again in only one day. My suspicion was confirmed that a very specific person has seized upon the pandemic to isolate my friend. I suspect she has told him false things about me, and encouraged him not to reach out. Please intercede for me before our Lord to rectify this misunderstanding, and make it clear to Mr. MD whom he should truly trust. I know he is scared and alone, and may think untrue things about me now. I honor you with my altar, and am also making a donation to this site in advance, as I know you will answer speedily. I will continue to praise you publicly. Glory be to you and our Lord, Jesus Christ. God Bless You, St. Expedite


Admission to medical school

Dearest St. Expedite, Please help my daughter to be accepted to the UBC medical school. She needs to be somewhere because of the state of her health. I promise to spread the word of your miraculous works across the world. I know you can help me and my daughter. I have been the recipient of your miraculous works numerous times.


Help Me Get A Home again and tonight please help me pay for my hotel and pay my daughter back please

Dear St. Expedite I come to u right now in my desperate need. I’m out here now doing what I do. I ask u to send me a date or let me when money very quickly so I can pay for my room,pay daughter back and not be in need tomorrow of a place to stay or to eat. Please St. Expedite I ask u this and I knw I owe u and I promise I will pay unit pound cake ur pennies and also spread ur name to every1 please let it happen soon for me. Please lead me n the right direction and show me how to or send me some1. Let me make it home safely and with no harm to anyone. Please let it Hotel-North expeditiously please St.Expedite in The name of the Trinity. I pray and ask u and promise to invoke your name to all and pay u back. Please help me in this desperate situation please St. Expedite. Please!!! Amen


Help Me with my future

St. Expedite please help my with my money . Please help me pay all of my bills off. i will be forever grateful to you.


Financial Assistance

St Expedite.... please send financial assistance quickly... also protect Jaime and Jimmy always.... Thank you for all you do so quickly... i will bring you a reward when i return home...


Petition for financial and relationship assistance

Saint Expedite, you lay in rest, I humbly ask you to help me get some good work in fast, so that I can make money to pay my debts and for living. I also ask you to help things get back on track with my relationship. Please help as you always have.


Financial Difficuties And Romantic Issues

Hello Saint Expedite Great Soldier wonder martyr Could you please get Lucas to resend the email that he sent me before.It was lost in my email batch.Simply disapperaed.Please let a relationship develop between luc and I all.Allcould you get my son's $1400 dollars to him It's needed.The IRS stated it was deposited to a certain account number but never got it.If you can grant thiese petitions I will donate to this organization and spread your name in the paper.Thankyou inadvance Saint Expedite.

Patricia A

Oh St Expedite please pray for me and kids to be extremely happy healthy and well and active and everything will work out extremely well for me.I will have money to buy whatever house I want and everything I do will work out extremely well for me.For peace joy happiness good luck and good health always.For my husband to get his mental health sorted and stop his awful behaviour.I will have great family and friends no more stress worry struggling anymore .Thank you


Financial assistance

St Expedite i always want you to take care and protect my children Jim and Jaime first. but i am also asking for a financial windfall as soon as possible so i can finally retire, pay all my bills in full and return to teach part time and travel to see many holy sites... thank you,


Dear Saint Expedite, thank you for always hearing my prayers. I pray to you today to please help my son get a job very soon that’s best for him. Please help him to be considered for a job by a good employer anytime soon. Thank you. Amen.


My Birthday

sr expedite thank you for making the packages arrive yesterday... i appreciate and hope you liked your treat... just jimmy forgot my birthday yesterday and i am still a tad sad, it was the first time and my feelings are hurt. if possible could you have him text today so i dont worry... thank you... i know i am asking a lot this week, but would make me feel better


Help with Unemployment Office please

Dear Saint Expedite, please help me now to successfully resolve the unemployment claim and to cancel it without further action. Thank you for helping me to secure my new job. Please help me to forgive my former employer for perceived actions as I understand them with my imperfect vision. Thank you for your help in making things happen in my job hunt. You are beloved among saints and I love you, Saint Expedite! I am offering tributes of money and food to you now.


Urgent payment

Dear saint expedite my car was taken by the bank and I need to pay in 14 days to clear my name from the bankruptcy list. My husband payment is due to come on this week . Please help us saint expedite. From my husband best urgenly we have bills to pay. & House Joan's to pay .


Heal my shoulders. Send Neg energy b to s. Pro Jd .





Financial Urgency

Home currently in foreclosure . Home will be sold soon at auction. I’m asking Saint Expedite to make a way financially to help my family.


Discharge my court case and give me a job

Dear St Expedite,i am in desperate need of your help. i am a single parent with 2 kids and i lost my job. I need you to give me a job ASAP and also discharge and acquint me from my ongoing court trial. Thank You in advance!