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Ritual Services Are No Longer Readily Available

Going forward, all ritual requests will need to be made via email.

The reason for this is that despite the site being clear and the emails as well, many are not abiding by the instructions I have on the donations and services pages.

The issue: As the site and emails state, if the option for a ritual is “sold out” or not available, this means that a ritual is not currently available. However, despite this, many have gone to the donations page and will donate $25, and assume they are included in a ritual, despite no rituals being available. On the donations page, it states “Donations made through the donation page do not qualify for ritual services.” And on the services page, it states, ” If slots are sold out for the week, please book for the next opening if available. You will see all openings below.” If there is nothing there, that means there is no service at the moment.

This causes a situation in which I need to refund all those donations because they donate with the expectation of a ritual when none are available. Doing this causes the payment provider to place restrictions on the account, and it simply adds more expense to the site. To reiterate, this is not a profit-making site, all donations go to charity and general site upkeep.

Going forward, I will take special requests only. This won’t change the donation amount, just the process in which they are handled. All you would need to do is email me with the date you would like the ritual to be. All rituals start on a Wednesday. IF there is an opening, I will send you a special link. If there isn’t one open, I will let you know. If there is a future date open, I will let you know.

Please email the email below. Please make sure to let me know what date you want, if the date is available I will let you know.